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Don’t prepay tomorrow’s troubles

  During this period of time, I have been in a bad mood, because my son is in the first year of high school, but he has not studied hard, and his grades are also average. I have a headache when I think of the college entrance examination. Expecting to find a good partner, we will have to bear the burden of getting married and having children later, it is really tiring! Shenyang: Junfeng
  has a famous saying that is widely spread: “99% of the things you worry about will never happen.” In life, we are always anxious in such and such ideas, worrying whether our future will pass It’s a mess. In fact, many times, what keeps us stagnant is not the difficulties in reality, but the imagination in our minds.
  Many things cannot be completed in advance
  A young monk is responsible for cleaning the fallen leaves in the temple yard every morning. He always wanted to find a good way to make himself more relaxed. A monk said to him: “You shake the tree vigorously before cleaning tomorrow, and shake all the fallen leaves, so that you don’t have to sweep the fallen leaves the day after tomorrow.” It was a good idea, so he got up early the next day, shook the tree vigorously, and thought happily while sweeping: “I finally don’t have to sweep the fallen leaves tomorrow.” But the little monk went to the yard on the third day and was dumbfounded. Yes, the yard is still full of fallen leaves as before.
  The old monk came over and said meaningfully: ” Silly boy, no matter how hard you try today, the fallen leaves will still fall down tomorrow!” , in order to live better in the future, but in fact, many things cannot be completed in advance. Worrying about the future prematurely will not help anything, but will also make your life very tiring, make you feel like a failure, and deprive yourself of the happiness that should belong to the present.
  Excessive worry about the future is pathological.
  Cognitive theory has a point of view: it is not the event itself that affects you, but your interpretation and association of the event. “Translated” into a common saying that we often quote is, “There is nothing in the world, and mediocrity disturbs it.” Many troubles, in fact, do not really exist, but come out of our own wild imagination.
  Objectively speaking, it is a very common psychological phenomenon to magnify the possible negative consequences of an event and cause psychological worries, and each of us has experienced it. But if this kind of mentality happens often and is too strong, and you always use your own imagination to speculate about the future, which makes you mentally exhausted, and even seriously affects your normal work and life, it is a kind of pathology, which needs to be carried out. Adjustment.
  If today is not good, tomorrow will be worse Whether
  tomorrow ‘s troubles will come, there are nothing more than two possibilities. One is that it will not come at all, so our worries today are completely unnecessary and unnecessary; the other is that it will definitely come, and since it must come, what is the use of our worrying? It’s better not to think about it, let’s have a good mood today.
  How to break out of the cycle of anxiety about tomorrow? The ancient Roman poet Ovid said: “Those who have a bad life today will have a worse life tomorrow.” If you think about tomorrow’s work while eating, the meal will become dull; Sometimes, thinking about whether there will be a traffic jam after get off work, the efficiency will become very low. The best way to prepare for the future is to use all your energy and enthusiasm to take this step well. Today’s umbrella can’t block tomorrow’s rain, today’s sun can’t dry tomorrow’s clothes, no matter how much you think about today, there will still be new problems tomorrow. Letting go of the past, not worrying about the future, and feeling the present with a calm heart is the most advanced way of life.

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