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    US Inflation Apocalypse

      Currently, driven by multiple factors, US inflation has soared, and it has shown considerable persistence.   There are different opinions about the future trend of inflation and the Fed’s policy choices. Optimists believe that inflation can return to the Fed’s target level next year, while pessimists claim that the era of great moderation is over and the era of great inflation is coming.   Optimists believe that the Fed has the ability to achieve a soft landing, while pessimists believe that it must pay Volcker’s price to control inflation.   We review a series of policies in the great inflation of the 1970s from a historical perspective, and try to find enlightenment on…

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    FIFA earns

      The Hercules Cup is coming to the Bay Stadium, and the World Cup is in full swing.   The host country, Qatar, invested US$220 billion to build venues and develop infrastructure in the desert, building a modern city of Lusail from scratch.   This huge investment is five times the total expenditure of the past seven World Cups, enough for Russia, the last host country, to hold another 16 World Cups.   Can the hosts get their money back? It’s hard to say in the short term.   FIFA, on the other side, makes a lot of money.   Chairman Infantino announced that this World Cup cycle, FIFA’s commercial revenue reached 7.5 billion U.S. dollars,…

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    The Fed’s Thorny Road

      In November 2022, the Fed will raise interest rates again by 75 basis points back to back, raising interest rates by 300 basis points in five consecutive interest rate meetings, while continuing to implement balance sheet reduction.   Such a radical monetary tightening has not been seen in the past 40 years, which is inseparable from the current high inflation in the United States.   In September, the CPI growth rate in the United States was still as high as 8.2%, which was at a high level since 1982. Many Fed officials said that such a high level of inflation cannot be tolerated.   At the end of June 2022, Lagarde, President of…

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