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    How much do you know about stroke

      Stroke has high morbidity, disability and mortality, which will bring a heavy burden to patients, families and society. With the increasingly obvious problem of aging, coupled with the accelerated pace of life and changes in people’s work and rest habits and diet, the incidence of stroke is also increasing year by year, and gradually tends to be younger. How to do a good job in the prevention, treatment and health care of the disease has become a common concern of all walks of life.   What is a stroke? A   stroke is what we often call a “stroke”, which refers to the occurrence of lesions in the blood vessels that transport…

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    How to tell if your child has ADHD

      Due to their high energy, children are often lively and active, and have a strong interest in things around them, which is normal. However, there are also a small number of children who are too energetic, unable to control their behavior, inattentive in doing things, accompanied by low learning ability, cognitive impairment, etc., which may be the manifestation of ADHD. ADHD is a common disease that affects children’s normal growth and development. If it is not diagnosed and prevented in time, it will seriously affect children’s learning and physical and mental development. How can I tell if my child has ADHD? And how to carry out effective treatment? In the…

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    Is anesthesia safe for children?

      Children inevitably suffer from various diseases during their growth, and some even require surgery. However, most operations require anesthesia before surgery. At this time, many parents are worried about the safety of anesthesia, for fear that it will leave sequelae to their children. Is anesthesia safe for children? What precautions? This article will answer them one by one for everyone.   Simply speaking, surgical anesthesia is to ensure that the patient loses consciousness overall or locally through corresponding drugs and other methods, so as to achieve the purpose of painless treatment and create good conditions for surgical treatment.   Why do children need general anesthesia for surgery? Compared with adults,   children lack…

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