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    Happy on the busy

      1.   Life is a one-way journey. The understanding of the finiteness and non-repeatability of life is originally a great pain in life, which belongs to the category of “unable to seek”. Since time is closely connected with the process of human life, all actions must be carried out in this chain of events. Therefore, throughout the ages, people have always been particularly sensitive to the issue of time and paid more attention to it. The ancients said: “I can’t wait to hang a long rope in the blue sky, so that it can be tied to the day when it flies west.” He also imagined that a Duke of Luyang…

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    Pity life

      It was still early for the MRI examination, and there were many people in the waiting room, so we sat outside and waited. The seat faces two rooms, one is the admission and exit management room, and the other is the severe heart failure ward. A white-haired old lady in her 70s and 80s came dragging a canvas luggage cart, carrying four packs of diapers in her hand. She rang the doorbell of the intensive care unit, and the nurse in green came out and took the diaper. The old lady asked, “Is the condition of the so-and-so bed okay?” The nurse said, “The doctor will come out and tell…

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    The moment you put down your phone

      I don’t know if everyone has this kind of situation: I have downloaded countless habit-forming and goal-planning software, but always give up halfway, and then attribute the failure to the incompatibility with the software, and then go to the next software; There are countless dusty favorites, but the number of times I look back can be counted on dozens of fingers; when problems arise, I either complain about various factors outside myself, or seek answers from outside, but rarely ask questions from myself .   I have experienced all the above. I wanted to get rid of laziness, cowardice, and timidity countless times, but I couldn’t do it. Until I came…

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