The always elusive grizzly bear

  One day while traveling in a northern Colorado park, I came across the carcass of a cow that had just been slaughtered by wolves. Seeing this, I knew at once that there might be a bear in the vicinity, so I climbed up a strong and sturdy pine tree nearby, sat down on the top of the sturdy tree, and waited to observe, hoping that a bear would come to the feast. Sure enough, at sunset, a big grizzly bear arrived slowly as expected.
  The ox carcass lay in a grassy glade surrounded by willow thickets and weedy spaces, and some sparse, low-growing round-topped pines. The big grizzly bear walked all the way, heading straight for the delicious food at its fingertips, but when it was about 30 meters away from the cow carcass, it stopped suddenly, stood upright, and hung its front paws on its chest , didn’t seem anxious about the delicious meal that was close at hand. I saw it looking around, listening, sniffing the air carefully, and constantly detecting the movement around it. Since the air is not moving, I feel that it may not and will not smell me hiding in the tree canopy.
  Then, using all its keen senses to detect, it took a minute or two before putting its front paws back on the ground and walking slowly, without making a sound, towards the carcass. But this is not the end, it walked around while advancing, and when it was less than 9 meters away from the feast, it obviously stepped up its vigilance, carefully guarding against surprise attacks and hidden ambushes that may come at any time. Perhaps I left a scent next to the cow carcass, but it has nothing to do with its cautious performance, because the grizzly bear is always on the alert, and it is always cautious in some places where it may be ambushed. Grizzlies are not cowards, but they also don’t panic and get themselves into trouble.
  Urged on with vigilance, the grizzly bear proceeded cautiously, creeping towards the edge of a thick willow bush, when suddenly, with a frightening growl, he plunged into the bushes, only to spring out again, Jumped to the other side. Evidently it intended to startle something–if there was something hidden there, it could dislodge it in this way.
  Now it was fully upright, tense and ferocious, waiting for a minute, ready to rush at anything that might burst out of the willow bushes, where, in fact, there was nothing. It paused for a while, then roared and rushed to another willow bush. I know that the thick branch I’m riding on is strong enough to take the brunt of the grizzly bear, which is very reassuring because grizzly bears can’t climb trees, so I just sit still in the tree and look down What on earth is that big guy going to do. Immediately afterwards, the grizzly bear repeated its old trick, roaring and attacking every willow bush around the cow carcass.
  After repeated attacks, it didn’t find any hidden enemies, so it finally settled down and walked towards the cow carcass, and began to feast on it boldly. However, after only a few minutes, it suddenly stopped eating, stood up and roared, then sniffed five or six meters along the trail I left, stopped and grunted, and let out a menacing growl, and then returned to the feast , to feast on.
  After a full meal, it was satisfied and began to walk around the carcass, and grabbed grass and dead leaves and other garbage on the carrion, as if to bury it. It paused for a minute or two, obviously meditating quietly, and then returned in the same direction it came from. I hid in the tree and saw that huge figure drifting away and disappearing in the twilight twilight. .
  Alertness and intelligence are hallmarks of the grizzly bear, making it constantly on the alert, as well as gifted with elaboration. Even in a closed state of seclusion, it maintains extremely high vigilance; when traveling, its surprisingly developed senses never seem to rest, persistently searching and probing, so, except in a few Sometimes, it will be temporarily fascinated by sudden curiosity, and it will always be alert to the movement around it. Obviously, it is suspicious by nature, and it often imagines that there will always be enemies sneaking up on it, or ambushing around, planning to launch a surprise attack on it. I believe that the intelligence of grizzly bears is not only not low, but often higher than animals such as dogs, horses or elephants.
  I have tracked the grizzly bear many times back and forth, trying to get some photos of it in its natural state. But in the process of shooting, I was almost always defeated by its intelligence. Once, I tracked a grizzly bear almost non-stop for eight days and nights, and even though I was close to photographing its face many times, it managed to slip under my nose. Occasionally he climbed a rocky crag, and stood looking about and inquiring about what was going on, or retook a short way back in the tracks he had come to, to some vantage point, where Standing on its hind legs, smell the air, watch, listen. At other times it will turn at right angles to its general course, walk a short distance to a vantage point, watch, listen and smell a possible pursuer for a few minutes, and if all seems normal, It will usually return to its own path and continue on its way; if it senses some kind of movement nearby, it may immediately change course and quickly get away from the scene.
  Usually, the grizzly bear will head into the wind, and if the wind changes direction, it will immediately change its course again. Over the grassy glade it sometimes boldly traversed, looking unattended, but on the farther side, under the cover of trees, waited to see if a pursuer appeared across the clearing. Sometimes it will circle the clearing to the left or right to confuse its pursuers. Clearly, there is a plan lurking behind every one of its movements.
  On the third day, it began climbing down a canyon wall in a diagonal pattern. And so I naturally deduced that it would descend on this course to the bottom of the valley, where it would continue down the stream. To my complete surprise, however, at a certain point on its way down the cliff, it unexpectedly stopped and remained where it was. From this point it then goes up the stream, descending in a diagonal course to the valley floor. What I didn’t expect was that at the bottom of the valley, it climbed to the top of the opposite cliff again at an acute angle!
  In the last 3 days of this pursuit operation, it knew that I was following it, but the strategy it adopted to avoid my tracking did not seem to change much, it just walked more quickly. Although I am very familiar with the behavior of the grizzly bear, I can never foresee its next move, so its unusual behavior makes me frequently make mistakes and cannot track accurately. In the end, it blew every plan I put into place!
  In the wild mountains of Utah, a big grizzly bear has been doing evil for several years, killing people’s grazing cattle everywhere. Such evil deeds have caused extreme panic in the vast cattle grazing area. For several months, he hunted a cow or a castrated bull at least every other day. What’s even more frightening is that its whereabouts can be described as elusive and unpredictable: on the first day, it may hunt and kill a cow on the side of the mountain, and on the second day it may appear on the other side of the mountain. The place 64 kilometers away from the crime scene is killing again!
  In order to catch this murderer, people spared no expense and organized an expedition team of 30 to 50 people. The hunters led a group of alert hounds to chase it day and night, and rounded it up many times in a week or more. , But every time this cunning guy escaped the hunt. In order to capture it, some people even offered a high reward, which attracted many experienced old hunters and seasoned trappers. At the beginning, they all hunted with confidence, but after rounding up several After a week, I found nothing and had to give up. The story ends with a seasoned hunter trapping the vicious grizzly bear with a special perfume after years of getting away with it, leading him into a trap.

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