Why do Nepalese slaughter goats before their planes take off?

  On the highway, cars often break down, and people have to get out of the car and push them manually. What if the plane breaks down? That’s right, manpower can also be pushed, and such things often happen in Nepal.
  On December 1, 2021, a plane of Tara Airlines in Nepal had a tire burst while landing at Bajula Airport in western Nepal. Although the captain made an emergency brake and no one was injured, the plane ran aground on the runway, preventing incoming planes in the air from landing.
  The captain contacted the management department and got no response. In desperation, he had to ask the passengers to help push the plane aside. Finally, with the efforts of all passengers, the stranded plane was finally pushed away and the traffic jam was lifted.
  Anyone who is interested in civil aviation knows more or less that there are frequent aviation accidents in Nepal and frequent air accidents. It was even banned from flying in EU airspace because of its poor safety record.
  One of the reasons for the poor safety record is poor conditions at airports. For example, Ganj Airport, located in the southern plains of Nepal and one of the busiest airports in Nepal.
  There are no walls around Ganj Airport, and there are bushes everywhere. There are many wild animals living in the bushes, such as wild boars, rabbits, foxes, pythons, etc. These wild animals often regard the airstrip as their own garden. Whenever they are happy, they will go for a walk on it and meet the planes that are taking off or landing.
  On November 2, 2021, a plane of Nepal Sita Airlines was originally scheduled to take off from Gunj Airport at around 7 am. When the plane was about to leave the ground, three wild boars rushed out of the runway. Fortunately, the captain aborted the takeoff in time, so no one was injured. Unfortunately, all three members of the wild boar family died, leaving a large hole between the front and rear wheels of the plane.
  Just a week before this incident, a plane of Nepal’s Buddha Airlines also hit a porcupine on the runway of Ganj Airport. Since the porcupine was a cub and small in size, no serious accident was caused.
  Southern Nepal has many plains and dense forests. Like Ganj Airport, there are a lot of wild animals around many airports, even if protective nets are installed, they can dig into the ground. In addition, many airports have large holes in the protective net, which can easily get in, making the runway very dangerous.
  The “Aviation Safety Report” released by the Civil Aviation Administration of Nepal in 2020 shows that in 2019, about 70 accidents at airports across the country were caused by animals and birds.
  Different from the painting style of the southern plain airport, the northern mountainous airport in Nepal is known for its thrills. Airports in mountainous areas are generally small and surrounded by mountains. Coupled with backward infrastructure and volatile climate, there are frequent accidents.
  The most dangerous and famous mountain airport is the Lukla Airport located in the hinterland of the Himalayas.
  Lukla Airport is nearly 3,000 meters above sea level. Before landing, the plane needs to pass through two mountains precisely, and then turn a sharp turn to land. Due to lack of funds, Lukla Airport does not have a radar navigation system, and take-off and landing are entirely dependent on vision. Therefore, flights to Lukla have extremely high requirements on the technical and psychological quality of the captain.
  On October 8, 2008, a Yeti Airlines flight from Kathmandu crashed into a rock in heavy fog, killing 18 passengers and crew members on board, and only the captain miraculously survived.
  High altitude also leads to thin air, which can adversely affect aircraft engine power, so the higher the altitude of the airport, the longer the runway is generally built. However, the runway of Lukla Airport is only more than 500 meters, so that it has to be repaired with an inclined slope to help the landing plane slow down and the take-off plane speed up. When taking off, the plane will rush down the gentle slope and then fly into the air. If the take-off fails, it will fall into the cliff at the end of the runway.
  Despite frequent accidents, Lukla Airport remains one of the busiest airports in Nepal. Because for all those who are going to climb Mount Everest from the south slope, this is a must.
  In addition to terrain problems, the management of Nepal’s airports is very lax, and infrastructure construction is not in place. These are also important reasons for frequent air accidents.
  Nepal’s domestic airlines are also small in scale, and also due to lack of funds, maintenance is often not in place. Even aircraft overdue service is relatively common. As a precaution, some airlines have had to turn to the gods for help.
  On September 4, 2007, officials of Royal Nepal Airlines slaughtered two goats on the runway of Kathmandu Airport as a dedication to Akash Barabhu, the Hindu god of the sky. It turned out that the airline owned two old Boeing planes, and one of them, the Boeing 757, had repeated electrical failures and could not be repaired.
  In Nepal, it is common to pray to Hindu gods by sacrificing goats and buffaloes. Afterwards, the Royal Airline official confirmed: “After slaughtering two goats, the Boeing 757 ‘possessed by the devil’ quickly returned to normal and completed the flight smoothly. The meal on board is still curry mutton rice.”
  So, please In the future, before buying airline tickets in Nepal, you must think carefully. Especially when the airline says “the plane has passed the goat sacrifice,” well, it’s time to panic.

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