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    What would happen if you set off a “nuclear fireworks” on the moon?

      The atomic bomb explosions in Hiroshima and Nagasaki caused people to still talk about “nuclear” discoloration, but in fact, most people in the world have never seen the spectacular sight of nuclear bomb explosions with their own eyes. In the 1950s and 1960s, the two superpowers in the world at that time formulated a “generous” plan to invite people from all over the world to watch a grand “nuclear fireworks” celebration, which was set on the moon. The Crazy “Moon Nuclear Explosion” Plan   As we all know, after the end of World War II, as the victors of the war, the United States and the Soviet Union rose rapidly and…

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    The oddballs of the planet

      Are you used to seeing the step-by-step planets in the solar system, do you know that there are many strange planets in the universe? Let’s get to know each other today. party planet   There are currently eight planets in the solar system, and their trajectories do not overlap with each other, and there is a huge gap between them, just like a group of strangers who have never met in their lives. But in other galaxies, some planets don’t, and they often come together in what seems like a big party.   Astronomers have found six planets of the star TOI-178, about 200 light-years from Earth, by studying data from NASA’s…

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    Black holes navigate space travel

      A spaceship sails in space, and navigation is a problem. Because the GPS navigation system formed by the earth orbit satellite network is useless in places far away from the earth. If you take just one wrong turn en route to a distant planet, your chances of getting back on track are slim. You need some form of interplanetary navigation system to help you see where you are.   For this task, astronomers have turned to some of the most extraordinary objects billions of light-years away: quasars. Quasars, the brightest class of objects in the universe, not only guide us with precision to distant stars, but also help us learn more…

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