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    God’s logic

      Today, when people need to affirm a person’s talent, they often only say that he has talent, but rarely say that he is a genius. The likely reason is that people often use the word “genius” with connotations of “inexplicable” or in conjunction with words like “teenager”. For example, we are willing to praise Zhou Zhou, who likes to conduct, as a genius, but we only want to say that composer Tan Dun is talented. If what I say is still true, then this fact just shows people’s understanding of the word “talent”-genius is determined only by “heaven”, it is innate, and Zhouzhou commander The ability of music makes people…

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    Divided Graham Green

      The modern classic author Graham Greene was as strict about his privacy as he was about others. His biography, A Life, “closed his record at the age of twenty-seven,” and he has since refused to write another autobiography. Green’s memoir “Road to Escape” published in 1980 is not strictly autobiographical, but has a strong autobiographical nature. The reason, as he himself said, is that autobiography will inevitably invade the secrets of other people’s lives.   But Green’s private life isn’t much of a mystery to the public either. In 1976, Green appointed Norman Shelley as his biography writer. Shirley, who successfully wrote Conrad’s biography, also vividly portrayed Green’s ups and downs…

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    The troubadour Vysotsky who sang without a guitar

      Vladimir? Semyonovich Vysotsky (1938-1980) has multiple identities in Russia: he is a well-known actor and a smart essayist, and he is also an admirable and talented troubadour in the 1960s and 1970s. poet. Although his songs are recited in the streets and alleys, in fact, because they have not been officially published, the spread of these songs is only achieved by the audience’s transcriptions through tape recorders. Vysotsky created about 600 hymns in his life. His works did not have the high-quality conditions of a recording studio, did not have the careful creation of a professional producer, and did not even have a decent guitar as an accompaniment, but the…

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