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    Does a “zero housework world” really exist?

      Cleaning dust, floors, hair, window grime… Household haters are looking for ways to get rid of these menial drudgery.   Frances Gabe, an artist and inventor who has been hailed as an “earthly saint,” is a personal idol of mine. She had the foresight to design and build self-cleaning homes. Gabe died in 2016 at the age of 101. During her lifetime, she converted her home in Oregon, USA, into a “giant dishwasher” equipped with a sprinkler system, air dryer, drainage system, and self-cleaning sink, bathtub and toilet. “Housework is a thankless, endless job,” said Gabe. “Who would be bored to do that? No one!”   I totally agree with Gabe, and…

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    Renovation of Old Houses in Japan

      Can refurbishment change the fate of Japanese houses that have been repeatedly knocked down and rebuilt?   | Tear down and rebuild |   There is a small town about an hour away from Kobe by train. There is a block in the small town, and houses are row upon row. The house here was built by Japan’s largest prefabricated house builder “Yamato House Construction”. The town sprang up in the 1960s, when the real estate boom swept through postwar Japan. But today, many houses built in that era have long been replaced by new houses, because most prefabricated houses, or most houses in Japan, only have a service life of more…

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    House demolition is also a business

      Archiving existing building materials, providing building material rental services, recycling waste building materials to create new buildings… People are gradually realizing that construction waste is a valuable asset rather than a burden that needs to be disposed of with money.   For a long time, cranes and bulldozers have been great symbols of urbanization, and the dust and rubble after blasting are even more feats that politicians like to highlight. In the UK, construction projects account for as much as 60% of materials consumed, 33% of waste generated, and 45% of carbon dioxide emissions. It can be said that the construction industry is like a monster that is greedy, profligate and…

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