“Tea bag walking” for 10 minutes a day to lose weight and prolong life

  Recently, a paper published in the Christmas special issue of the “British Medical Journal” brought a strange walking posture to the fire.
  This slow, high-legged, three-step, two-back step comes from a 1971 comedy called The Ministry of Silly Walks, recreated by Renaissance scientists Research, and named after the character “Teabag Walk”.
  According to research, “tea bag walking” for about 10 minutes a day has the effect of fitness, weight loss and longevity, which is equivalent to 75 minutes of strenuous exercise every week.
  Scientists also say that if this walking posture had been popularized earlier, we might now live in a healthier society.
  Why are scientists so optimistic about “tea bag walking”?
  The research team invited 13 men and women aged 22 to 71 to participate in the test. After recording their height and weight, the volunteers were asked to walk around a 30-meter-long indoor field with 3 different postures for 5 minutes each time. The 3 walking styles are: normal walking; tea bag walking; putti walking.
  Throughout the process, the volunteers wore portable metabolic measurement devices to record their oxygen uptake, energy expenditure and exercise intensity. In order to avoid “laughing” from affecting the statistical results, the researchers also stopped recording immediately after the volunteers laughed.
  The results showed that among the three walking postures, only “tea bag walking” consumed the most energy, about 2.5 times that of normal walking.
  Compared with the latter, one minute of “tea bag walking” increased energy consumption by 8 kcal per minute for men and 5 kcal for women. In other words, as long as you use “tea bag walking” instead of normal walking, it only takes about 12-19 minutes a day, which can increase energy consumption by about 100 kcal and achieve a good weight loss effect.
  The researchers also pointed out that the heavier a person is, the more energy is consumed during the “tea bag walking” process, and the weight loss effect is more significant.
  In addition, the exercise intensity of “tea bag walking” is about 8 MET, which is equivalent to vigorous exercise. It is estimated that adults only need to “walk with a tea bag” for 11 minutes a day, and they can easily achieve the outstanding achievement of “75 minutes of high-intensity exercise per week”.
  Because its oxygen intake far exceeds the other two walking postures, the researchers believe that “tea bag walking” can strengthen cardiopulmonary function, greatly improve cardiovascular health, and also help reduce the risk of death.
  At the end of the paper, it is pointed out that these 11 minutes do not even need to be completed in one go. It can be divided into several times a day, 1 to 2 minutes each time, and the cumulative effect is the same. In other words, everyone can choose their own convenient time and place to practice quietly, even if they are not thick-skinned “social fears” or “workers” who are busy with official duties, they can easily operate.
  How, are you eager to try?
  One more thing, you may be curious, why do the characters such as tea bags and Puti in the play have to go so “unrecognized by six relatives”?
  In fact, the purpose of filming this film is to mock the unrealistic nature of the departments set up in Britain at that time. The members of the “Stupid Step Department” in the film walk in various strange postures every day, and they are not stupid or unqualified.

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