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    The Raging Power Desire in the “Private Utopia”

      ”Privatopia” (Privatopia) is a book published by American political scientist Irving McKinsey in 1994. “Private Utopia” is a self-created word, and the subtitle of the book gives detailed notes: The rise of homeowner associations and private government in housing.   In the United States, there are countless associations, all of which are typical non-governmental organizations. Then, why does Professor Mai call homeowners’ associations private Utopias and associate them with nondescript so-called “private governments”?   In a 2000 case, the California Court of Appeals referred to homeowners’ associations as “secondary municipalities,” “quasi-governments,” and “micro-governments” because they “regulate (the homeowners’) daily lives in many ways.” “, “Parallel to the municipal government in almost all…

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    From “Lord of the Rings” to “Avatar 2”, New Zealand’s rising film industry

      ”Whoosh—”, a sharp arrow flies past your ear. Countless half-orcs suddenly appeared from the dense pine forest on the mountain. They roared and rushed down the mountain, scaring you to close your eyes quickly.   When I opened my eyes again, the surrounding area turned into green and continuous low hills. On the hills, there were small spherical holes, with half-person-high wooden doors at the entrances, and smoke from cooking smoke floated from the top of the hills.   While you were wondering, a loud roar suddenly came from behind you, which made you stagger and fall from the sky. Just at this time, a blue giant comes flying on a giant…

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    Moroccan football is pure

      During the last World Cup, a football commentator said: “I have been to Morocco, where the football is very pure.”   This World Cup has witnessed the glorious moments of Samsung Argentina and football king Messi, but the most dazzling dark horse is undoubtedly the winner The fourth place is the North African Lions Morocco team. Before that, only three African teams, Senegal, Cameroon and Ghana, had made it to the quarter-finals of the World Cup. This time, Morocco first qualified first in the group with an unbeaten record of 2 wins and 1 tie, and then defeated Spain and Portugal in the knockout stage, and joined France in the semi-finals…

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    Reduced oxygen supply may have been the cause of Earth’s first mass extinction, study finds

      A new US study has traced the cause of the first known mass extinction of animals at the end of the Ediacaran period about 550 million years ago to a reduction in global oxygen supply. The research has been published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America.   The study, led by Scott Evans, a postdoctoral researcher in Virginia Tech’s Department of Earth Sciences, shows that about 80 percent of animals became mass extinctions during that time period, with animals that depend on large amounts of oxygen appearing to be particularly hard hit hit. This suggests that the extinction event was environmentally controlled,…

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