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    Painless childbirth: The misunderstood “light of humanity”

      Do women have to live with pain when giving birth? Painless childbirth makes the baby stupid, and cesarean section is safer and more comfortable? Regarding painless childbirth, there are still many misunderstandings that need to be clarified…   ”There is a ‘human light’ that has been used for nearly 200 years-painless childbirth, only 30% of Chinese mothers use it.” October 11, 2022 “World Pain Relief Day”, this topic rushed to the hot search. According to the “2022 World Pain Relief Day Survey Report” released by Physician Daily, Zhejiang Women and Children’s Foundation, and Babycare: As many as 36% of the respondents “don’t know or have only heard of” painless childbirth.   In…

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    Investment needs futurology

      When the United States launched a trade war, the world has undergone major changes and turning points in stages. Prior to this, involution mainly occurred in a certain competitive field in a certain region. Since then, involution has crossed national boundaries. The incremental cake is not big, and we can only strive for a larger share in the stock cake to ensure interests, which can easily fall into a zero-sum game or even a negative-sum game.   The huge incremental cake mainly comes from the changes in the production mode brought about by the technological upgrading of human beings, and the sudden and substantial increase in material wealth after improving efficiency…

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    Why can’t sneeze in your sleep

      Sneezing is usually the process of clearing irritants from the nose and throat. When a foreign object enters the nasal cavity, passing through the nasal mucosa, it may trigger the release of a neurotransmitter called histamine.   Histamine consists mostly of nitrogen particles that irritate nerve endings in the nasal mucosa, causing them to swell and send signals to the brain, which in turn causes sneezing by sending signals to the pharyngeal and tracheal muscles to dilate the nasal passages and throat. There are 4 stages of human sleep, and people who are sleeping are usually in the stage of rapid eye movement sleep. At this stage, our muscles are in…

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