No matter how chaotic the world is, please arrive on time

  I once read a story that after World War II, anxiety and fear spread like weeds in Japanese society. However, a Tokyo citizen who commutes by subway every day found that the subway still arrives on time as before. So the citizen sighed sincerely: “The subway is still running on time. It seems that life after the war can still be expected.”
  This is true for a society, a city, and an individual.
  A few years ago, I planned to leave my previous company, and I also made mental preparations for the possibility of losing my job. But my heart is always not at ease. I am worried that being a freelancer will not be self-disciplined enough and I will spend my days foolishly.
  At that time, a friend from afar heard my nagging and fear, and wrote me a long email in a serious manner, detailing her experience of working at home. She told me that as long as I can do things on time and as usual every day, write when I should write, exercise when I should exercise, cook when I should cook, go to the movies when I should watch movies, step on the clock, and follow the steps, everything will be fine. no need to worry.
  Another friend, a former executive of a foreign company, had a record of working at home for three years after giving birth. This is also a very self-disciplined lady. In order not to be out of touch with the outside world, she has found a very formal approach: when working at home, she is the same as in the company, wearing suits, high heels, makeup, watches, and jewelry. My external form is exactly the same as when I was at work. Three years later, she sent her children to kindergarten and returned to work and a high position herself.
  I also understood this truth later. In the past few years, I have changed jobs twice,
  stayed at home for a year, and suffered from physical problems, but I always remember the words of those two friends, follow the steps, do what to do, and don’t worry about anything.
  Fate cannot be controlled by others, but the rhythm is determined by oneself. Whether it is a life of depression and confusion, or a life of disarray after being raided, as long as you step on the beat every day, get up on time, go to bed on time, those who have a job are neatly dressed and go to work on time every day, and those who are not working are on time to buy vegetables and cook every day , the day is to look forward to.
  No matter how chaotic the world is, the order in the heart cannot be chaotic.

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