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    “Grandpas Over Flowers”

      2013 is the year of Korean variety shows. Many variety shows are in full swing during this year. The influence of programs such as “Where Are We Going, Dad”, “Two Days and One Night” and “I Am a Singer” are not only in Korea, but also spread overseas. Korean variety shows The popularity in China makes people sigh that the “Korean Wave” is coming again. Korean variety shows have become the new main force of the “Korean Wave” after Korean dramas. In the year of the Korean variety show “Hundred Flowers Blooming”, another novel and interesting program appeared, which also attracted the attention of many Korean viewers, that is, a…

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    Sky-high diamond-encrusted gold fountain pen

      For most people, a fountain pen is a simple writing instrument. Sometimes you find a pen in the bank, and sometimes you lose a pen in the post office, it is not precious. However, in the eyes of those who love the pen, the pen is not only used for writing, but also carries the imagination of luxury. It is not only a writing instrument, but also a work of art. For this reason, many luxury brands in the world have spared no effort to create pens with exquisite appearance and unique meaning.   Jack Row Limited Edition fountain pens   According to the report of the British “Daily Mail” on January…

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    Group ugly picture: Theophrastus and his “ethical group portrait”

      Theophrastus (Theophrastus, about 370 BC-about 285 BC, also translated “Theophrastus” and “Diophrastus”) was born on the island of Lesbos in Greece (that is, Mitty Irethos of the Isle of Lini, the son of Merantes the Fuller. As an outstanding disciple of Aristotle, Aristotle commented on him and said: “The understanding is extremely high and the most diligent.” He is diligent in learning and eloquent, so he is specially named “Theophrastus” (Greek, that is, a pious and godly speaker).   In 323 BC, Aristotle appointed Theophrastus as the successor of the Peripatetic School, donated his manuscript to him, and entrusted his son Nicomacus to him. Since then, Theophrastus has been in charge…

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    Roland Barthes’ Her? or him?

      The more we become conditioned to believe that gender is an unalterable godsend, the easier it is to lose sight of the fact that some homosexuals are coerced, not out of their own “natural desires” or special endowments, It is because of the development and oppression of my life trajectory, I made a last choice under this oppression and then became a so-called homosexual.   Roland Barthes is such a typical example of a forced homosexual, and “Roland Barthes Says Roland Barthes,” written and published four years before his death in a car accident, helps to restore that he was “made into” The complex course of homosexuality and clarify this point.…

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    listen to the rhythm of the soul

      Since its release at the end of 2013, the cosmic version of “Falling Leaves Return to Roots” – “Gravity” has caused a strong sensation and received wide acclaim. Many people even said bluntly that the release of this film made it clear at a glance who won the 2014 Oscar. This may be a bit biased, but it is undeniable that it is indeed a classic of the universe science and technology theme.   The film unfolds in the silent vastness of space, with astronauts Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) and Matt Kowalski (George Clooney) carrying out a mission outside the space shuttle Explorer. Matt, who is experienced in spaceflight, is enjoying…

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