“Grandpas Over Flowers”

  2013 is the year of Korean variety shows. Many variety shows are in full swing during this year. The influence of programs such as “Where Are We Going, Dad”, “Two Days and One Night” and “I Am a Singer” are not only in Korea, but also spread overseas. Korean variety shows The popularity in China makes people sigh that the “Korean Wave” is coming again. Korean variety shows have become the new main force of the “Korean Wave” after Korean dramas. In the year of the Korean variety show “Hundred Flowers Blooming”, another novel and interesting program appeared, which also attracted the attention of many Korean viewers, that is, a backpack launched by South Korean TV station tvN in July 2013 Travel variety show – “Grandpas Over Flowers”.
  ”Grandpas Over Flowers” is a new program launched by Na Young-seok, the producer of “Two Days, One Night”. It is starred by famous Korean veteran actors Lee Soon-jae, Shin Goo, Park Geun-hyung, and Baek Il-seop. Each episode is about four people with an average age of 74. Year-old backpacker trip story overseas. At the same time, actor Lee Seo-jin also participated in the filming of the show. He helped the elderly carry luggage and act as an interpreter in the show. He was called “Rui Porter”. The combined age of the four old actors is 302 years old. They all have more than 50 years of acting career, but this is the first time they have participated in the recording of a travel variety show. Since the show started, they have traveled to France, Taiwan, China and other places. It is not an easy task for anyone, and it is a huge challenge for the four veteran actors. The four old people have their own characteristics, some are humorous, some are kind and considerate, and some are more straightforward. Sometimes the audience even forget that these are old people who are already seventy years old. Their personalities are more like a group of children. Happy They would laugh out loud from time to time, protest or even act coquettishly when they were dissatisfied, and would complain loudly when they were tired from walking. Coupled with the superb realistic shooting techniques of Korean variety shows, the shows of the four elderly people did not feel boring at all, but felt very interesting.
  In recent years, the aging trend of the Korean population has gradually increased. According to the “2010 Korean Social Indicators” released by the Korea Statistics Office, the average age of the Korean population was 38 years old in 2010, and it is expected to increase to 53.4 years old in 2050. In 2010, the total population of South Korea was 48.21 million, and the elderly population over the age of 65 was about 5.3 million, accounting for 11% of the total population. It is estimated that by 2050, the population of South Korea will reach more than 44 million, and the proportion of the elderly population over 65 years old in the total population will rise to 38.2%. By then, every 1.4 working-age population (15-64 years old) will support one elderly person on average. At the same time, aging has brought many problems. Issues such as the support of the elderly and the elderly living alone have become social problems in South Korea.
  Not long ago, a retired university professor in Gwangju City, South Korea was found dead in his home. He had been dead for about a month when his neighbor found out. His wife and children were all living abroad. In fact, there are many lonely old people like this in Korea.
  It was against such a social background that “Grandpas Over Flowers” appeared. The producer Luo Yingshi had a whimsical idea to organize the grandpa stars who were over 70 years old to go backpacking. This not only attracted the attention of the Korean public, but also The society has also played a calling role, calling on people to pay more attention to the elderly and care more about the elderly around them. At the same time, “Grandpas Over Flowers” also shows the elderly a richer lifestyle in their later years. “The most beautiful thing is the red sunset”, and the elderly can also live a colorful life. The “Flowers Series” composed of “Grandpas Over Flowers” and the subsequent “Sisters Over Flowers” broadcast on the theme of middle-aged women’s travel played a very important role in calling attention to the disadvantaged groups in Korea.
  As for why he chose overseas travel instead of domestic travel in Korea, producer Na Young-seok believes that when a person is suddenly in a completely strange place, the changes in his reaction, feeling, and appearance are very interesting. When you open your eyes and find yourself in a place where the environment and language are very unfamiliar, it is easier for you to express your emotions. Compared with overseas travel, this effect cannot be achieved by going to any place in Korea, so the program chooses overseas. Traveling, even though it takes twice as much effort to prepare, a couple of old folks pack their backpacks and go overseas, and it looks like a lot of fun.
  After the broadcast of “Grandpas Over Flowers”, the ratings in South Korea have been rising steadily. The highest ratings have reached 9%, which is already comparable to the most popular Korean dramas. Due to the popularity of the program, only one season of “European Chapter” was originally scheduled to be broadcast. After that, the “China Taiwan Chapter” was launched non-stop.
  Korean variety shows always give people a refreshing feeling. New plans, new themes, and new ideas are always full of novelty, which makes people admire. Not only in South Korea, many countries including China have entered an aging society. By the end of 2013, China’s elderly population was close to 200 million. Such a large number also explains many aging problems. But people often ignore the group of the elderly. Under such a social background, we should give more care and concern to the elderly. “Grandpas Over Flowers” has attracted the attention of many young people in the form of variety shows, and has shown the vigorous living conditions of the elderly, guiding the general social groups, especially young people, to care more about the elderly, and set an example for the elderly , “Old man, but still able to gallop thousands of miles”.
  ”Grandpas Over Flowers” is humorous, novel and unique, but realistic and flesh-and-blood. This may be the charm of Korean variety shows that people are obsessed with.

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