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  Since its release at the end of 2013, the cosmic version of “Falling Leaves Return to Roots” – “Gravity” has caused a strong sensation and received wide acclaim. Many people even said bluntly that the release of this film made it clear at a glance who won the 2014 Oscar. This may be a bit biased, but it is undeniable that it is indeed a classic of the universe science and technology theme.
  The film unfolds in the silent vastness of space, with astronauts Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) and Matt Kowalski (George Clooney) carrying out a mission outside the space shuttle Explorer. Matt, who is experienced in spaceflight, is enjoying his last space trip comfortably, while Stone, a novice in spaceflight, seems to be struggling. It is such a routine space operation, but there are huge dangers hidden in it. When an abandoned artificial satellite was artificially dismantled, a large number of sharp fragments were generated, floating in space at a high speed, and unfortunately collided with the Explorer. At the critical moment, Matt resolutely gave up his life and rescued Stone back to the spaceship. However, things are not that simple. The spacecraft suffered a devastating impact and was dilapidated. In times of crisis, Stone can only return to Earth with the help of China’s Tiangong and Shenzhou. However, the road to survival is always difficult. Can Stone realize self-salvation after encountering many difficulties? Is it really possible to go back home? Waiting for Stone will be a more severe test of life and death. The plot of the film seems simple, and it doesn’t even have the kind of twists and turns to attract the audience, but it has aroused such a strong response, which shows that its success has its own merits. We will describe them one by one.
  The novel background of the film: the sudden emergence of China’s aerospace industry
  Part of the appeal of this film is that it introduces many Chinese elements. As a Hollywood blockbuster, its director Alfonso Cuarón is also a Mexican, but Chinese elements appear many times in the film – Tiangong-1, Shenzhou, Chinese space station, Maitreya Buddha, table tennis, etc. Even the heroes and heroines completely pin their hope of survival on finding the Heavenly Palace in China.
  Looking back at Hollywood blockbusters in recent years, it is not difficult to find that Chinese elements appear more and more frequently in their films. If it is said that more traditional Chinese culture (such as Kung Fu, Chinese medicine, etc.) was implanted in the previous films, “Gravity” pays tribute to Chinese technology in the field of aerospace technology that the West has always been proud of. This shows that both the essence of Chinese tradition and modern technology have become existences that the West cannot ignore.
  In recent years, China’s aerospace science and technology has sprung up: On September 29, 2011, China’s first space experiment module Tiangong-1 was successfully launched; on June 16, 2012, the Shenzhou 9 spacecraft carried two male astronauts and one female astronaut. Successfully docked with Tiangong-1; on December 2, 2013, the Chang’e-3 lunar probe was launched into space, and on December 14, China’s first lunar rover – “Yutu” successfully soft-landed in the northwest of the lunar sea of ​​rain department. So far, China has become the third country to independently design, manufacture, launch and maintain a space station and explore the moon. China’s remarkable achievements in the field of space have to attract the attention of the world. It is such a stark fact that makes Chinese technology a unique background in Alfonso’s new film. When asked why Chinese elements were inserted as part of the film, director Alfonso even replied without hesitation: “It’s not intentional, it’s unavoidable. Are there other options?” The number also fully refers to the 2014 prediction model of Tiangong-1.
  It can be said that the success of “Gravity” is due to the Chinese elements. If the Chinese elements in the film arouse foreign audiences’ surprise and admiration, what arouse domestic audiences are pride and confidence. No matter what kind of performance, it will prompt people to go to the theater to see it.
  Exquisite craftsmanship and artistic excellence It has
  to be said that among cosmic movies, the craftsmanship of “Gravity” is exquisite. This is mainly reflected in its special effects, which are amazing and can be called a milestone in the history of film. At best, there are only two protagonists in the film, and the entire 90-minute film is completely set in a vast universe. It’s that simple, but it doesn’t bore the audience at all. At the end, there is even a sense of unfinished business, which can be seen from its special effects.
  The shots of the film are realistic and realistic, whether it is the performance of the astronauts in the state of weightlessness, or the flying debris after the explosion of the space station, they are all accurate and credible. The presentation of special visual effects based on CGI technology is also perfect. Standing in outer space to watch the sunrise of the earth, and overlooking the whole picture of the earth from an altitude of tens of thousands of feet, the scene is quite beautiful. Especially when watching the IMAX 3D effect in the theater, the audience is completely in a corner of the universe and enjoying a struggle between human beings and the universe. Such a visual impact, how can the film not attract enough attention.
  In terms of art, the film is even more ingenious. Although the film is full of extravagant special effects, the director’s final tentacles point to the inner, quiet and tenacious soul of people. Therefore, although the film is gorgeous, it is not noisy. In recent years, there have been almost no films like “Ocean Paradise” and “Sea Pianist” that penetrate people’s hearts. The appearance of “Gravity” is undoubtedly a clear spring, which allows us to re-examine our lonely heart. The cleverness of director Alfonso is to use gorgeous special effects to create a majestic atmosphere without losing indifference and tranquility. Indeed, this can be regarded as a movie with a simpler plot that I have enjoyed, but under the simplicity, it has an undercurrent of charm. The heroine Stone supported the entire film alone, but she did not appear lonely at all. Instead, she vividly portrayed the loneliness and sense of confusion needed for the film, and even made the audience feel that if someone else appeared in the sky, it would really ruin the movie. This is a clear spring. It is this kind of human brilliance and vitality bursting out in extreme environments that makes the film extraordinary and refined. It hits the hidden desires and passions of human beings, so that people watch it over and over again, chewing on the resonance from the bottom of their hearts.
  Profound connotation of thought
  If stunts, forms, and themes play a role in the success of the film, then the deep outlook on life reflected in the film undoubtedly swayed people’s already peaceful hearts.
  First of all, it gives us the feeling that human beings are too small in relation to the universe. The film puts the vastness of outer space into the picture, and all the protagonist can do is float. When Stone saw his companions on the space station die one by one; when he saw his last companion Matt, resolutely drifting to the depths of the universe in order to save himself; when he was struggling desperately outside the broken spaceship; Inside the space station; when he has no hope of saving himself, he looks at the deep blue with tears in his eyes; when he experiences everything, breaks down physically and mentally, and gives up his life calmly, the audience can no longer look directly at the picture. The fragility and powerlessness of that kind of person, the loneliness and frustration of having nothing. Stone suffered all possible bad luck, and in the end, could only cry.
  But at the same time, we also feel that man is great enough to the universe. When Stone and Matt encounter misfortune, Matt still takes it calmly with a humorous attitude and humorously asks whether it has broken the record; when Stone goes through all the sufferings and chooses to live when death is happier than life; When Stone struggled to climb out of the sea, the first thing he did was grab a handful of sand and put it close to his chest. The strength and optimism they showed touched the heartstrings of many audiences.
  Indeed, human beings are lonely, hurt, hopeless, and helpless. But human beings still have faith, persistence, hope, desire for life and beautiful yearning. After watching the movie, I can’t help but think that we don’t even have to sympathize with Stone, because she is invincible, and this is the last hero.
  In the end, what we can feel is that the film pays homage to strong and independent women. Although George Clooney joined the film, the female character Stone is a veritable leader. And the birth of an independent and strong heroine is a process. Stone forged himself in three saves. The first time was shortly after the accident, when Stone gradually fell into a state of willpower shortage due to lack of oxygen. In order to keep her awake, Matt kept talking to her about her daughter, in order to motivate Stone’s desire to survive, and finally helped her Climbed into the vehicle and rescued her from the brink of oxygen deprivation. The second rescue happened when Stone was driving a Russian aircraft to find the Chinese space station. As a novice, Stone, who had no knowledge of aircraft operation at all, wanted to give up his life. Perhaps what is more frightening than darkness is despair and loneliness. Therefore, Alfonso gave Stone, who lost his desire to survive, a fantasy Matt. It seems that the weakness of female characters requires an intermediary, a straw, to realize their awakening and independence. Matt is such a person. Straw, his image fuels Stone’s desire to survive. The third rescue was accomplished by Stone himself. She successfully landed on China’s Tiangong-1 and successfully returned to the ground by a Chinese aircraft. In this way, Stone completed the transformation from waiting for salvation to self-salvation. This is also the ultimate rebirth of female characters. In American movies, female characters are used to being subordinate. They are used to being Eros and Beauty, Cinderella, a strong woman… But this time, the image of Stone can be said to be a kind of subversion. She is ordinary and fragile. Yes, she has the softness and authenticity that a woman should have. On this basis, her transformation and growth have truly realized the awakening of female consciousness and the independence of value.
  At the end of the film, after Stone climbed ashore to regain gravity, he staggered and walked on the muddy ground due to unsuitability, like a child who just learned to walk, this is her new life. In that scene, Stone staggered up, and the camera looked up at Stone standing, which seemed like a monument.
  In any case, the film “Gravity” was a success, with a good box office reputation. It can be said that this is the beginning of another era in film history. It leads a trend and shapes an attitude towards life. The indifference and tranquility after washing away the lead is moving, so let us experience the innocence after the magnificence.

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