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Sky-high diamond-encrusted gold fountain pen

  For most people, a fountain pen is a simple writing instrument. Sometimes you find a pen in the bank, and sometimes you lose a pen in the post office, it is not precious. However, in the eyes of those who love the pen, the pen is not only used for writing, but also carries the imagination of luxury. It is not only a writing instrument, but also a work of art. For this reason, many luxury brands in the world have spared no effort to create pens with exquisite appearance and unique meaning.
  Jack Row Limited Edition fountain pens
  According to the report of the British “Daily Mail” on January 1, 2014, the British Jack Row (Jack Row) with an aggressive spirit has recently released the “Jaali” collection series including two fountain pen designs. Pen holder decorated with gold, silver and sapphires. In addition, the collection also includes two silver cufflinks and one gold cufflinks. The overall style is derived from the stone lattice decoration of the windows of the palace buildings of the Mughal Dynasty in India, and the golden pen is matched with the arabesque design.
  The famous British department store Harrods (Harrods) recently sold one of the “Jaali” fountain pens, causing a sensation. Inspired by Islamic arts and crafts, this fountain pen is entirely handcrafted. In addition to being studded with 18K gold and white gold, the body of the pen also has 1.8 carats of carefully cut blue diamonds, which is really exquisite. The 18K gold design is an exquisite square shape, which has the architectural flavor of Indian royal palaces. This fountain pen also comes with an oak jewelry box and display stand, which is full of luxury and high-end.
  Here’s how Harrods describes the pen on its website: “A limited-edition fountain pen from Jack’s that combines luxury with inspiration from the fascinating art of Islam.” This “Jaali” fountain pen available at Harrods Priced at £29,000 each, it is usually locked up and only used when signing huge checks.
  Aurora Diamond Fountain Pen
  Among the world’s manufacturers of luxury writing instruments, the Italian company Aurora is on the list. It was founded in Turin in 1919. The name of the company, Aurora, contains the meaning of “Dawn Goddess”, expressing the longing for a bright future. In order to celebrate the 85th anniversary of Aurora’s establishment, Aurora specially launched two of the world’s most expensive celebration pens in 2005. The body of the pen has smooth lines and a slightly round shape, which increases the comfort of the user’s grip. The hand feels thick and firm, yet flexible. The pen body is crystal bright, luxurious and exquisite without feeling complicated. Each style is inlaid with 1919 De Beers diamonds (De Beers is the largest and oldest diamond mining company in the world) to symbolize the writing brand born in Turin, Italy in 1919. The top of the cap is inlaid with a diamond weighing two carats, and the total weight of diamonds in the entire pen exceeds 30 carats. They are divided into two colors: black and white, among which the body of the white diamond pen is made of 18K platinum, and the nib is treated with 18K white gold rhodium, showing the true color of elegance and elegance. The body and nib of the black diamond pen are made of 18K tungsten gold, revealing a mysterious and profound temperament.
  What is particularly commendable is that each of the Aurora Diamond fountain pens comes from 6 different types of pens. At the same time, there is a lot of money in the market, and the price is 919,713 pounds. It is said that there are only two private collectors in the world. In the Aurora “Symbol and Pen” Museum in Turin, Italy, the Aurora Diamond fountain pen has become a “treasure of the town hall” for viewing by writing pen lovers from all over the world.
  Carand’Ache 1010 Diamond Limited Edition fountain pen
  Founded in 1924, Carand’Ache is a family of high-end Swiss writing instruments and enjoys its own place on the international luxury stage. For more than 100 years, Kailandi has become the sought-after and preferred writing brand of royal families from all over the world. The “1010” limited edition fountain pen is the pinnacle of the well-known stationery brand Carrandi, which integrates architectural aesthetics into writing instruments. It was exhibited at the Baselworld 2010 jewelery and watch fair, which amazed countless visitors.
  The design of the “1010” limited edition diamond fountain pen is inspired by “10:10”, that is, the moment when the two hands on the dial are perfectly balanced, hoping to pay tribute to the Swiss watchmaking industry through this idea. Its most notable feature is that it integrates the world-famous Swiss watchmaking and jewelry making techniques into the pen design, realizing the perfect combination of the three. The whole pen is made of gold, with more than 850 unique and pure diamonds matched with white gold. The barrel is rhodium-plated with a sapphire crystal in the shape of a pendulum and delicately etched small marks around the barrel. Only 10 of the ‘1010’ limited edition fountain pens were produced, costing £625,400 each. In 2011 it became the “Most Expensive Writing Instrument” in the Guinness Book of World Records.
  Montblanc Rainier III 81 Limited Edition Fountain Pen Series
  The body of the Rainier III fountain pen elaborately crafted by Montblanc, an international prestigious brand, is made of 18K white gold. and diamonds (996), symbolizing the red and white rhombus pattern on the coat of arms of the Grimaldi family. An important Genoese banking family, the Grimaldi family became rulers of Monaco in 1485 and continues to this day. In addition, the pen ring on the cap is inlaid with 19 rubies (each 4.4mm x 2.5mm), which reflect the mother-of-pearl Montblanc star logo on the top of the pen cap. The exquisitely crafted 18K gold nib is set with two rubies, while the small crown on the clip is derived from the seal of Rainier III.
  Montblanc was founded by a stationery dealer in Hamburg, Germany in 1906, and registered as an official trademark with “Mont Blanc” in 1910. For nearly a century, Montblanc has been renowned for its classic writing instruments. “Mont Blanc” represents the art of writing, and the hexagonal white star mark on the top of the pen is exactly the shape overlooking Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in Europe, symbolizing the snowy crown of Mont Blanc. The highest point of the mountain is 4810 meters above sea level, and the word “4810” on each nib is the height of Mont Blanc. Among Montblanc’s various brand fountain pens, “4810” is usually cycled for various motifs. And the nibs made by hand and after 25 processes make the “Mont Blanc” writing tools as solid and noble as Mont Blanc.
  In order to grandly launch the ‘Ranier III 81 Limited Edition Fountain Pen Collection’, Montblanc invited 300 celebrities to attend a charity concert in Monaco to pay tribute to the late Monaco Monaco Rainier III. His Royal Highness Prince Albert of Monaco came to the venue to express his support. The limited edition fountain pens are priced at £157,000 each, half of the sales proceeds will be donated to the “Fondation Princesse Grace” (Fondation Princesse Grace), inheriting the spirit of Rainier III’s support for cultural development during his lifetime.
  Rainier III was a visionary who made great achievements in Monaco, the second smallest country in the world after the Vatican. The “Ranier III 81 Limited Edition Fountain Pen Series” is inlaid with princess-like elegant rubies, showing a sense of royal luxury and perfectly representing the noble tradition of the Monaco dynasty. This series of fountain pens is limited to 81 pieces worldwide, representing Rainier III’s death at the age of 81; such a precious and rare masterpiece of the pen world is only designed for a few connoisseurs of famous pens in the world.

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