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    Bitter poet

      RS Thomas (1913-2000) is another world-renowned poet in Wales after Dylan Thomas in the 20th century. If the poetry of Dylan Thomas brought passion and imagination into the British poetic style, and moved towards a development path where surrealism and romantic traditions blend and coexist, then RS Thomas has a completely different style, and his poems are clear. , Transparent, bitter, cold and solemn, thick and profound, like a white stone that has been washed by years of rain, using very simple words to write ancient and modern themes, it is a meditative poem that can stand reading and reading again and again.   RS Thomas was born in 1913 in…

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    Rose de France: Sophie Marceau

      ”Like the scent of Chanel No. 5, this world-famous beauty came over.” The British “Independent” described her appearance in this way. In the hearts of thousands of movie fans, she is the noble Princess Isabella, the elegant Anna Karenina, the innocent Fang Fang, and the wild lover of Louis XIV. She is “French Rose” – Sophie Marceau. Among the various praises for her, the title of “Marie Anna” in the French film circle can best demonstrate her status in the minds of European movie fans. Of course, she deserves the honor bestowed on her by fans all over the world, because she interpreted the romantic life of roses for us…

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    Seven dollar dream

      Buying: Violin, limited payment capacity, please make a call…   How did I notice this when I rarely read classified ads? I put the newspaper in my lap and close my eyes, still remembering the days of the Great Depression. At that time, our family lived on the farm. I myself would have loved to own a violin, but the family couldn’t afford it…   My twin sisters were very interested in music, Harriet Ann learned to play Grandma’s upright piano, Suzanne played Dad’s violin. As they continued to practice, the simple tune quickly turned into a beautiful melody. In the beautiful music, the little brother will dance, the father will hum,…

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