Rose de France: Sophie Marceau

  ”Like the scent of Chanel No. 5, this world-famous beauty came over.” The British “Independent” described her appearance in this way. In the hearts of thousands of movie fans, she is the noble Princess Isabella, the elegant Anna Karenina, the innocent Fang Fang, and the wild lover of Louis XIV. She is “French Rose” – Sophie Marceau. Among the various praises for her, the title of “Marie Anna” in the French film circle can best demonstrate her status in the minds of European movie fans. Of course, she deserves the honor bestowed on her by fans all over the world, because she interpreted the romantic life of roses for us with her unique beauty and stubbornness.
  Girls’ feelings are always poetic
  . Who ever thought that the goddess’ dream would be to be a truck driver, because Sophie’s father was an ordinary truck driver. When she was a child, she would always think: “If I also own a truck, I will You can go on the road with Dad.” In the eyes of little Sophie, this is probably the best job in the world, and she can use it to travel around, leave the present, and sail to a distant place. The childhood dream did not come true, and fate obviously arranged another path for little Sophie.
  In the summer when I was 13 years old, a photographer wanted to take photos for Sophie, who was looking for a summer job. Like every girl who likes to take pictures, Sophie left her beauty for the photographer, but left nothing behind. beautiful fantasy. Because no one thought that she was opening a door to a new world of movies. Soon she received a call from the director asking her to audition. This lucky and stubborn little girl stood out from more than 700 applicants, and director Claude appointed her as the heroine, so Sophie’s first movie “First Kiss” came out.
  At first, the 14-year-old showed a striking expressiveness and, paired with her innate temperament, she was destined to be a permanent part of French cinema.
  At the age of 14, an ordinary girl is still a little bit young, but she has already revealed the full charm of a young woman growing up, which is a kind of sexiness that is far from innocence but close to purity, which is emitted from her pair of brown pupils Penetration. You will fall in love with the natural and dexterous lines of her nose and the degree of slightly parted lips, you will fall in love with her figure polished by youth, the soul infused with youth, the language gifted by youth, you will ignore the gap between image and reality Smell her emotions and fall into a state of fascination. Through the screen, we see that the girl Sophie’s face is so beautiful that “I don’t love anyone, but I love this youth”.
  14 years old, the age of Lolita, you can’t help but think that a little girl at this age is both good and evil, so sultry. Just like Natalie Portman in “Killer Leon”, if a girl’s growth is only locked forever, then she will be able to recover her value and regain her beauty. Zhu Qiao Qiaojie? Die stealing long づ low surname  and leech  Xin Shu bar 倥  stunned imitation of beer ぢ chao xiu  clumsy slang yao delete soil Su Liao Kang Valerian  leech  Xing  thumb tomb  闼  mechanical mother star I
  don’t know if it’s the film that made her or her. video. After “First Kiss” was released, it was invincible and unstoppable in Europe. Her youthful and hazy first kiss in front of the iron fence was also fixed as “French Kiss”. This movie made her famous overnight and transformed her into one of the most popular girl idols in the 1980s. At that time, Sophie didn’t have such resolute eyes and strong personality. Her smile was restrained and hasty, but the young Sophie showed her youth vividly. . Two years later, she struck while the iron was hot and starred in a sequel, Girly Charm, that remained popular and eventually won a Cesar Award. Immediately, she joined the famous French Gaumont Film Company with an annual salary of 1 million francs. In the later two films “Female College Student” and “Sakana Fortress”, she continued the innocent, sweet and sentimental route. Since then, Sophie Marceau has been labeled as “French sweetheart”.
  corner meet love
  However, becoming famous at a young age brings Sophie not all flowers and applause, but also the enormous pressure that comes with it. Jumping from a child to an adult all of a sudden, the rapid precociousness made her already stubborn character more angular. Too early to get in touch with all kinds of big people, too early to set foot in the vanity fair of the entertainment circle, and to say goodbye to the beautiful childhood time too early.
  ”Those old guys are rich, powerful, famous and powerful. When I was 16 years old, they were absolutely powerful people. At that time, I didn’t have the self-confidence I have today.” Sophie Marceau recalled herself in an interview Unsatisfactory Girls’ Generation. “In the past, they wanted me to spend three days doing a terrible movie they wanted, not a major independent movie, and I might have to do what they said. It’s not fair, and now I’m over 40 , I will refuse politely.” In fact, as early as the age of 18, she learned to say “no”. At that time, she borrowed money everywhere, raised 1 million francs to redeem the contract with Gaumont Film Company, and even went to court. The reason for the conflict was simple. She fell in love with the 44-year-old Polish director Andrei Zulaski. However, the company believed that cooperating with a director who is good at filming sexual psychology would damage Sophie’s pure image, and tried to prevent her from appearing in Zuraski’s new film “Wild Love”. But Sophie has such an unruly charm, and the termination of the contract with Gaumont Company became a major turning point in her life. She is unwilling to be restrained by others, unwilling to be influenced by the outside world. Although she borrowed money to collect all the termination fees, this incident was enough to make her one of the most watched actresses in France. The million franc bet won her a wider film world, and she met more than His lover Zuraski, who is 26 years older than himself.
  As a director, Zuraski’s strong personal style undoubtedly makes him a controversial film master. His sensational love affair with Sophie Marceau is also as famous as the films he directed. However, this relationship, which was not favored by everyone, lasted for eighteen years. During the period, the two collaborated on several films such as “My Night Is More Beautiful Than Your Day” and “Blue Movement”. woman.
  In 2000, Sophie ushered in the fourth cooperation with her boyfriend. This time it was a romantic love film “Loyalty” tailored for her. In the film, Sophie Marceau played a beautiful and unruly girl who loves photography. Photographer Clary. The film discusses how contemporary women struggle in the face of lust, and finally choose to maintain the loyalty of marriage and maintain their dignity and moral standards. This film is adapted from the famous novel “Princess Clive” by the French female writer Madame de Lafayette. The whole film tries to portray the inner entanglement of the heroine, trying to show a kind of erotic tension. There are also many bold and passionate scenes in the film, but Zuraski handles them naturally and purely. He believes that only through Sophie’s charming and moving acting skills can a woman’s love and desire be faithfully conveyed. After the film was released around the world, it received a strong response and became another sexy masterpiece of Sophie Marceau. “Innocence is sexy, naked innocence.” The words used by the media to describe her are always so contradictory. Sophie said in an interview that she doesn’t care about the nudity in the movie. She said: “Life is full of love and mystery. I It’s just bringing a piece of life into the movie.” At this time, Sophie Marceau is not just a name, but has become a trend, synonymous with charm and beauty, and fanatics even think it is a kind of Belief.

  Whether you like French actresses or French movies, the name Sophie Marceau will always be on the list . Although she is not as tender as Emmanuel Seigner, less intellectual than Juliette Binoche, and less neurotic than Isabella Adjani, her beauty is so eloquent, soothing and yet Breathtaking. The exquisite face is embedded with oriental pupils, and there is always a kind of transparent melancholy in her eyes, but her melancholy does not come from herself, but from her understanding of the world. It is also her misty eyes that always easily make men lose their way.
  But Sophie did not become a slave to external beauty, nor did her previous career success stop her. In 1995, Sophie Marceau began to develop her acting career overseas and participated in the shooting of many English-language films. Her first English film was the costume epic “Braveheart”, directed and acted by Mel Gibson, in which Sophie played the role of Princess Isabella of France. Mel thought Sophie was perfect for the role: beautiful and very French. Sophie also did not disappoint Mel. In this pure Hollywood film, the pregnant Sophie looks glamorous and noble, but her wild heart longs for freedom and love, and her every gesture shows her royal temperament. Although she didn’t have many roles, she conquered the world with her noble temperament and left a deep impression on movie fans. The film won the 68th Academy Award for Best Picture, Best Director and other five awards that year. Sophie Marceau also became one of the most popular French actresses in Hollywood, and at the same time won her the title of Queen Marceau.
  In 1997, she starred in three films with certain influence. First, she played the role of Anna in the art film “Anna Karenina” by the famous British director Bernard Rose. The interpretation of the classic role of Anna Karenina was finally recognized by the audience. Next, she played the role of Maggie, a showgirl from the lower classes in “Louis XIV’s Lover” directed by Vera Belmont, trying to enter the upper-class court society with the most instinctive sexual charm of women. Later, Sophie played a resolute and stubborn Swiss governess Elisabeth in the drama “Heartfire” directed by William Nicholson. Sophie’s slightly melancholic beauty and stubborn personality were brought into full play. The film is completely Scottish style, with elegant pictures, slow rhythm, and occasional piano sound of Ding Ding Dongdong. She wears a 17th-century corset dress, illuminated by the lights in the dark night, and her face behind the lattice window is so beautiful that it is unreal
  . The screen images she creates are sometimes subtle and intimate, and sometimes sexy; , natural and not artificial. In this way, Sophie is shaping herself while shaping her image in one movie after another. She said: “Every time I act in a new film, it’s like receiving a psychotherapy. The difference is that when others do psychotherapy, they have to pay the doctor, but when I go to psychotherapy, others pay me.” I feel that every time I play a role, every time I go through the shooting of a movie, it is like going through a crisis of self-identity, and I am always looking for answers in the shooting of the movie.
  If life is just like the first meeting
  I bet, almost every man has his own Fangfang in his heart.
  ”Fang Fang” may be the most beautiful period of Sophie Marceau. As long as you have watched this movie, you will never forget the scene of Fangfang dancing in front of a one-way mirror. In the movie, Fangfang is in shorts and boots, with long chestnut hair tied into fluffy braids, straightforward and romantic, daring to love Hate is so full of vitality. No wonder a film critic who watched “Fang Fang” wrote: “At that moment, I absolutely believed that even if God created man without prejudice, the materials used must be graded. Some people used mud, while Some people, like Sophie, I think it’s definitely cream and white chocolate.”
  ”Every morning, I will leave you. Every evening, you will chase me back. Love day by day.” This is the line at the end of the film. Movies always end abruptly at the most beautiful moment, but the story of life has just begun. Why do we start when every love has to die? This seems to have become an open pain for modern people.
  Someone once said: “France is a place where love can be produced at any time, but love cannot be stored.” Sophie Marceau and Zuraski’s 18-year long-distance love race can’t match this sentence, and they still inevitably broke up in the end. What touched me was that after the breakup, Sophie’s love for life remained unchanged. She tried to stand behind the camera and became a director. Her directorial debut “When Love Becomes a Habit” tells the story of an old couple and a young wife. A summary of the romance.
  She writes and publishes books by herself, and raises a pair of children alone. She does not hide her wrinkles, laughs, makes noise, and walks as she pleases, just living a natural life like this. Sophie taught me a truth, maybe when we are young, we will attach great importance to love, but as a mature woman, we must find something other than love that allows us to stand in this world. Sophie said: “I want more autonomy, am I a puppet? He has influenced me a lot, but it doesn’t mean that I have to obey him in everything. I can make my own decisions and don’t want to be ruled by others. Push.” ​​When the fate is over, leave, don’t get entangled, live independently, this is her.
  She also admitted that she feels very heavy about the title of “the most beautiful woman in the world”. “The most beautiful person does not exist. Beauty comes from my heart. I also have times when I am not beautiful. For example, when I wake up in the morning, my son will say Mom, if your complexion is not good, I will give myself more sleep and recuperate. As a woman, as long as you are in a good mood and live a happy life, you will be beautiful.” At this time, Sophie Marceau faded away from the aura of actress, just a An ordinary French woman, a mother who wears an apron and warms milk for her children every day. The sun was shining on Sophie’s chestnut hair, and everything was so warm.
  When the myth of the muse has gradually faded away over time, when the smile of the girl I once loved in the sun in the youthful years is gradually blurred, in this flashy age of expanding desire, the word goddess has gradually become cheap. People wear all kinds of glasses to greedily peek at the pretentious empty beauty, but they never forget the “thumping” in their hearts. It is the infinite memory of youth and the eternal pursuit of beauty. Therefore, we will still be moved by the romantic first love played back in slow motion in “First Kiss”, we will still be moved by the French love in “Fang Fang”, look forward to the entangled feelings of men and women in “Heart Fire”, and feel sentimental for “Anna Ka The biting love story in Lenina. A woman is beautiful because of her cuteness, and I can always find an elegant smile on her face that is no longer youthful, just like the aftertaste of perfume after the initial fragrance fades away.

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