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    Live for the splendor and freedom of life

      The Middle Ages is often referred to as the era of retrogression of Western civilization. It was the execution ground for religious trials, the hell where the Black Death took 20 million lives, and the severe cold of swords and swords and endless wars. Women in the Middle Ages were just subordinates to their masters. This tradition of gender inequality is surprisingly similar to the oriental patriarchal thought. Peasant and petty bourgeois women toiled until they stopped breathing in order to obtain food for subsistence. Most of the high-class women spent their whole lives wandering in cold castles. Become the link to maintain the interests of the two families. But…

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    Why the Dutch love bicycles

      Before the Second World War, the main means of transportation used by the Dutch was bicycles. But that changed in the 1950s and 1960s with the dramatic increase in the number of cars. Like many European countries, the roads in the Netherlands have become increasingly congested, with cyclists being pushed to the side of the road.   The surge in the number of cars in the Netherlands has led to a sharp rise in traffic fatalities. In 1971, more than 3,000 people were killed in motor vehicle accidents, including 450 children.   For this reason, a social movement has emerged in the Netherlands demanding that children be provided with safety guarantees for…

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    Visit an abandoned former Soviet army base

      Jürgen Naumann is the caretaker of a “forgotten world” called Wunsdorf. It is a small town about 40 kilometers from the center of Berlin. Today, as a resident of Germany, he lives with remnants of the past every day.   The clock on the clock tower built in the era of William II stopped forever at 11:16 am. On a hot day in August 1994, all officers and soldiers of the former Soviet army evacuated the small town named Wunsdorf forever, and the small town has been recorded in history ever since.   Until that day, soldiers with tacked boots had been stationed in barracks with flagstones and hardwood floors for more…

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    Love once, or, many times

      She asked, no matter who, do you think it is true to say that you only love once in your life?   A very sensitive topic. No matter who.   Then I answer.   That’s because our life is a long road. We have to go through a lot of men to finish this road of life. And it takes a lot of men to make us mature and perfect.   Am I saying that a person may only love once in a lifetime?   Many people spend their lives just chasing true love. Passion keeps them opening new chapters in their lives. There is always the best behind. And once the best is obtained,…

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