Love once, or, many times

  She asked, no matter who, do you think it is true to say that you only love once in your life?
  A very sensitive topic. No matter who.
  Then I answer.
  That’s because our life is a long road. We have to go through a lot of men to finish this road of life. And it takes a lot of men to make us mature and perfect.
  Am I saying that a person may only love once in a lifetime?
  Many people spend their lives just chasing true love. Passion keeps them opening new chapters in their lives. There is always the best behind. And once the best is obtained, it is no longer good, even disappointing. Therefore, those who have the spirit of enterprise and vitality will pursue it without stopping until the end of their lives.
  I don’t know if someone really only loves once in a lifetime, but I know that when a person experiences this feeling of loving only once in a lifetime, it is tantamount to falling into a beautiful trap. It’s an invisible cage in which you’re shut up, imprisoned and enslaved, and you think you’re surrounded by love. In fact, it is just some ropes of love, spiritual ropes. So you have to abide by the rule of loving only once everywhere. And can’t turn around in this cruel rule. I don’t believe that anyone would be willing to be locked in such a rule for a lifetime. If there is such a person, he is undoubtedly too pitiful. Because he doesn’t see the hypocrisy around him, or he sees it and doesn’t want to admit it. That was him deceiving himself.
  Does that mean you don’t appreciate that attitude?
  Especially the talented ones, the artists, even, the politicians. Politicians are now being exposed for having affairs. Needless to say, Clinton, even the former French President François Mitterrand, who looks very strict, has long-term mistresses, and even their daughters are already very old. So there’s an idea that justifies politicians having affairs, and it’s very interesting. They say that men who have affairs at least prove that their lives are alive, that they have passion. When the Clinton scandal was earth-shattering, some people stood up and said that they also hope that the president, as a man, will not be entangled by women’s nepotism, but they firmly believe that those presidents who have no scandal must be incompetent. Although this view is an excuse, it at least shows that love and sex are closely related to a person’s life state.
  In this way, according to the rules, monks rarely have scandals. Of course that is because there are precepts and taboos. And the one in the church that ensures that this rule is implemented correctly is vegetarianism. Vegetarianism is a form of maximum control, even destruction, of life’s desires. Animals that eat meat not only have strong desires, but also have frequent and unparalleled attack power. Animals are like this. Vegetarianism is of course also an inhibition of human nature. Thus, the Vatican was quiet and peaceful. Silently occupying a corner of the world. Guard the teachings of religion. Vegetarian monks are no longer capable of waging war, and presumably have no ambition for world domination. Their greatest desire is to control the souls of humans with the voice of God. Under the subtle corrosion of vegetarianism, they wither day by day, no longer have creativity, no longer have passion, and they will not have lustful thoughts. Only Jingyesi. long night. Such a state of life is actually a kind of defensiveness. Shou, and then conduct, this is a realm. But there are still “prostitution” in this realm. obscenity. This is the painting on the walls and roof of the church that always makes people think. They brought in Michelangelo or Rembrandt or Rodin, and they sculpted naked men and women from heaven or from hell. Even Christ Jesus, the great sage and sage, was nailed to the cross naked. Only the part of the genitals is covered, which is the only place on Christ that is not seen by the believers. This is how he led the saints and parishioners naked to suffer for the entire human race and all original sins.
  Are you saying that those naked religious stories are actually a perverted lust?
  Because it is restricted, it will be abnormal. In fact, this is what Hugo wanted to explain in “Notre Dame de Paris”. He sympathized with the archdeacon. That’s what he came up with. Against the inhumanity of medieval religion, because Hugo lived in an era of humanism. A man in the taboo is definitely not normal. Because that taboo goes against the very nature of life. So twisted. So perverted. That archdeacon was really pitiful, he was already out of breath by the temptation in his body, and what he had to face was such a beautiful gypsy girl. So he had to attribute this to “fate”. How sad. Without the experience of body and mind being torn into bloody pieces, the word “destiny” cannot be written. These two words are cruel.
  That said, even limiting love to “once in a lifetime” is inhuman, since human emotions are supposed to be fluid, right?
  Yes, it is true that many people have loved many times. Of course, the reasons why they love and change many times are different. For example Dora. Like Beauvoir. But what I want to talk about next is not about them, I have said too much about them, I want to talk about a woman who was earlier than them and loved many times, and was loved many times by good men, I Think you know who I’m talking about.
  George Sand.
  Yes, George Sand.
  only her. said the young woman. Recently I read her love letters with Musset. She is probably the kind of woman who can never stop in love, she always loves. She cannot live without love. But her love can never be single-minded, she must constantly change the object of love, it is said that when she is still in love with Musset, she has fallen in love with Musset’s doctor – the Italian Pajero.
  Then I said, in fact, I have never appreciated this woman. She drinks, smokes cigarettes, wears men’s clothes, and sometimes talks politics, with feminist slovenliness. It is said that she is not beautiful, she is still a married woman, and she lives a very rough life. But what I have never understood is why the men who fell in love with this woman are all so outstanding and famous in history, such as Musset, Chopin, and it is said that there is Merimee. It’s incredible. What did she rely on?
  So I think this woman must have her extraordinary qualities. She can still make men fall for her without the usual feminine beauty, and hysteria, which is very remarkable in itself. I think she can love so many men, and they are all such great men, so her ability to love must be extremely strong, and her vitality must also be extremely strong. So you have to admire her, you have to admit that she is an extremely remarkable woman. And there is something even more extraordinary about her, that is, she can cultivate them while loving them. Those artistic youths who had been unknown until they were brought up by her love. She made Musset, she made Chopin, and all their best works lived and died because of her. It is because of her in their lives that their passion and talent can be mobilized in this way.
  Yes, they all later became better artists than Mrs. San.
  I have read some of San’s works. They really don’t appeal to me. So in the era when French literary masters came out in large numbers, Sang was not a first-rate writer. Perhaps Sang’s fame, in a sense, is more due to her love with those first-class artists, and the never-ending passion accumulated in her body. She is a typical woman who makes art with her life. No matter what others think of her, she does her own way. She is a woman known for the passion of her life, and that comes at a price.

So she is also worthy of admiration.
  certainly. Sang is such a woman. Possesses an infinite desire and capacity for love. She is like a hotbed of love, or a cradle of love, tempting those promising children. She opened her mother’s, or lover’s, sometimes whore’s, slut’s arms, and embraced the young men in her arms. Then she kissed them, gave them milk, and let them lose themselves in her body and her emotions. So they love her. crazy Love. Pain and joy out of love, and write out of pain and joy. Those will be immortal masterpieces. And indeed immortal. It shows how deep, powerful and quality the love Sang gave them is. So what is San? A blend of many ingredients. She is teacher, friend, mother, sister, lover, slut all in one. Especially the role of a slut makes the men she discarded always brood and engrave on their hearts. She always withdraws when she is deeply loved by men, so she leaves a lot of confusion for those men. They didn’t want to believe that the woman who loved them so deeply would fall into the arms of others in a blink of an eye. So they left angrily. Heartbroken after leaving. They couldn’t accept such a ruthless reality, so they wrote angrily, venting all their love and hatred, and becoming the eternity of art.
  The reason why their works are immortal is their extraordinary talent, but the power of love given to them by Sang is also in it, which cannot be ignored or denied. Otherwise, why didn’t other women give birth to so many great artists with love like Sang?
  Sang may still be Bole, because she is good at discovering those unknown but talented young men. When they came to Sang’s bed, they were all young, and they could even be Sang’s sons. However, Sanli took advantage of their admiration for her mature woman psychology, took them into her cabin, and slept with them. Then she starts influencing them, shaping them, with her extraordinary mind and thoughts (San has thoughts). She gave them their bodies first, and then gave them nourishment. She treated them like those babies who were waiting to be fed, and she watched them grow day by day in the process of loving and making love to them. Then she starts to torture them, they don’t know that San’s torture is actually a kind of cultivation. She shaped and sculpted them invisible, and she never told them what you should do, but her various ways of love let them know how hard they should work hard to win Mrs. Sang’s favor forever.
  Just love is enough. It is enough to cast an artist. But
  that has to be San’s love. That is bittersweet, that is unforgettable. In the joy of making love In the sorrow of parting In the salty tears In the aching heart. Will suffice. San casts magic. Turn the ugly duckling into a swan. This is San’s ability. Just to inspire, to inspire, with love.
  Sang became the kind of person who could love many times. And many times made great people. She made her own love journey full of brilliance every time, and she also made the men she loved not for nothing every time. So Mrs. Sang is none other than someone else. She is a very remarkable woman. She can love many times, and each time is full, full of quality, full of ups and downs, joys and sorrows, and also pregnant with greatness and immortality.
  Now, about Musset.
  Yes, Musset came and walked into San’s life. Musset is so melancholy and romantic in the relief, but it is said that before he met San, he was a playboy full of vices. He took drugs, drank heavily, wasted his talents at will, and even spent his time among the whores of the brothel. But he meets San. That is also destiny. He met San and fell madly in love with her, so pure and so strong love. Life and death. For three full years. After that, there was Musset’s “The Confession of the Child of the Century”.
  I still remember how I read this book by Musset in the university library. When the book came out again, I bought it home right away.
  Interestingly, I saw a message not long ago that a movie called “Children of the Century” had been produced in France in 1999. The director is a woman. She looks a bit pioneering, but she is interested in the classical love between San and Musset. She said that it took her three years to study San and Musset’s love, and it took the same time that San and Musset fell in love. She said that one of them is a beautiful woman full of passion and born with pride; the other is a talented and suave young man. She said that she tried to interpret their love that was more painful than joyful from the standpoints of men and women. She was very involved in filming, and the two popular movie stars she chose, Binoche and Chimay, were also very involved, as if they were Madame San and Musset in the 19th century. So much so that their investment made them have to do fake tricks. That’s because the passionate love between San and Musset a hundred years ago infected them too much. This eternal love not only infected their performance, but also infected their bodies and souls. When Musset kissed San with forgetfulness, it was Chimei who was kissing his beloved Binoche. When they go to bed, that is, they are in bed with passion and heartbreak. So much so that when the screen fell, their love could not stop. So Binoche can only temporarily leave the screen, waiting for the birth of her baby. Do you know how the French female director commented on such a result?
  What did she say?
  It is simply impossible for an actor to perform a love scene that he does not believe in and has no feelings for.
  This is the power of San.

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