Russia has a “grandparents network”

  There is a “grandparents website” in Russia. There is such an introduction on the homepage of the website: Having a happy old age is what every retiree yearns for. If your retired parents are not familiar with the Internet and feel bored at home, you can help them find activities they are interested in on “Grandpa and Grandma Network” and help them join their favorite social circles. If they don’t know how to use a computer, you can enroll them in a computer learning course on the website. They can also sign up for activities such as yoga, dance, ball games, and even travel around the world with other seniors.
  ”Grandparents Network” is the famous Russian entrepreneur Anastasia? Created by Razibnaya. The website’s declaration is: the best life has just begun, hoping to help retired people find the joy of life through the Internet. In 2011, Razibnaya came up with the idea of ​​creating a dedicated website for seniors. In 2012, she formed the team. Later, the scale of the website gradually expanded, and the site contained a variety of information, which were divided into 11 categories: work, education, insurance, medical care, nursing, social interaction, computer courses, yoga, parties, travel, and clubs and recreation. Anyone over the age of 50 can use the resources on the website for free or for a fee.
  Currently, the website covers 81 regions and 250 cities in Russia, and is used by about 170,000 users every month. In order to bring more happiness to the elderly, in addition to online activities, the website also often organizes offline activities, such as seminars and competitions. The website also cooperates with some clothing companies, asking stylists to introduce how to dress and walk for the elderly, and holds fashion shows for the elderly from time to time. Old man Anna at the fashion show? Peterkova said: “Thank you very much for organizing such an event on the website, which gives us the opportunity to believe in our own beauty again!” The daughter of an old man also said: “I was surprised when Dad said he wanted to participate in the fashion show. It was the first time in his life that he did that, and it brought joy to his life.”

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