Life is a flower that blooms only once

  I heard a professor give a lecture on “Health is a flower that only blooms once in a lifetime”, and he said: “Everyone will get cancer, it depends on whether you have the ability to live until the day you get cancer!” This sentence is intriguing. Everyone may suffer from cancer in their lifetime, let alone a small disease! Some people also say, “Is a person who is not sick still a human being?” The key is our attitude towards our own diseases. I have lived in a family of Chinese medicine since I was a child, and I have some experience in disease prevention, such as “300 steps after a meal, no need to go to a pharmacy”, or “Small illnesses are incurable, but serious illnesses are difficult to cure”.
  Some people never get sick, and when they get sick, they become serious illnesses; some people have minor ailments all the time, and almost never get serious illnesses in their whole life. I have a small problem, my skin itches when I see the sun, and I also have finger-sized scars. This problem has been there for many years, and it is concentrated behind the ears, under the cervical spine and on the arms. I went to a professional dermatologist for an examination, and the doctor diagnosed it as neurodermatitis, also called solar dermatitis, and the medicine I bought cost two or three yuan. I asked how to prevent and treat it. The doctor said to avoid exposure to the sun, especially not to expose vulnerable parts in the sun. Don’t think the disease is small, there is no cure, only prevention. This is nothing, let’s talk about my friend’s nervous headache.
  My friend has had headaches for many years. Of course it doesn’t hurt every day. He went to the provincial hospital for an examination and took a CT scan of the brain. The performance was normal. The doctor said it was a nervous headache. He asked the doctor how to treat and prevent it. Every time he has a headache, he only needs to drink a pack of cold medicine, and the symptoms will soon be relieved. Sometimes work is stressful, irritable, and prone to headaches. For a while, he had a headache, and he didn’t have any cold medicine around him, so he simply went to sleep, and he got better after sleeping. As the saying goes, “the drug is three-point poison”, long-term medication is not a good thing, it will increase the load of kidney detoxification, and kidney problems may appear. If it is a mild headache, he will take a break to solve it, and sometimes he will actively adjust his emotions to try not to let himself be in a state of fatigue.
  After a while, he found that the cervical spine was uncomfortable, and it would cause headaches, accompanied by nausea. I went to the hospital quickly, the doctor felt it, took a picture, said it was cervical spondylosis, and prescribed cervical medicine, and I got better soon after taking this medicine. Later, he saw that in addition to medicines, plasters were used to treat the cervical spine. The effect of applying the plaster several times is getting better, which is better than taking medicine. He thought that the root cause of the nervous headaches for so many years might be in the cervical spine. In order not to allow himself to sit in front of the computer for a long time, he pays attention to drink plenty of water and move around more. Cooling the head and cervical spine from blowing air conditioners may be one of the causes of nervous headaches.
  A friend gave me a heated neck brace. The cervical spine is uncomfortable and the effect is more obvious after trying it on. Cervical medicine and plaster can all be used. He shared this experience with his colleagues in the office. The colleagues said that this is all physical therapy after the fact. Long-term use of laptops and looking down at mobile phones are the key to the induction of cervical spondylosis. It is best to buy a laptop stand, which will reduce the damage to the cervical spine. harm. He immediately placed an order to buy it, and after using it for a period of time, he found that the cervical spine was no longer as uncomfortable as before, and the frequency of headaches was indeed reduced; coupled with getting up and walking every once in a while, the number of headaches became less and less.
  Pay attention to prevention, won’t nervous headaches become less and less? Looking at the working state of a modern office, it seems like nothing can be done without a computer. There are many types of occupational diseases, and there are many reasons. The first is sedentary, the second is dying of illness, and the third is drug abuse. Sunshine and wind and rain are part of nature and people’s life, while health and disease are part of the body. We should treat diseases like abnormal weather, change clothes in advance, prepare umbrellas, or arrange outdoor matters according to the weather to prevent diseases in advance Prevention can reduce the impact of suffering on our lives.
  ”Huangdi Neijing” has a saying about prevention before disease: “That’s why the sage does not cure the disease, heals the disease, does not cure the disorder, and cures the disorder. This is what is called. If the disease is complete, he will cure it, and the disorder will be cured. , It’s like piercing a well when thirsty, or casting an awl when fighting, it’s not too late!” Life is a flower that only blooms once, and the future will not last long. Take care of your body and start with prevention.

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