Who explains the silence of the morning

  Before dawn, there is a period of time that is the darkest and the most silent. The darkness and silence during this period seemed to make time and the world disappear for a while, or to say that a grander start was brewing, like some kind of waiting before the stage curtain opened. After the hustle and bustle, the world slowly returns to silence, and in this silence, it waits for another day of hustle and bustle to begin. So, who explained this early morning silence?
   In the silence of the early morning, I prefer a more open place, and the vision can be set a little farther, watching the atmosphere of silence being broken little by little, or the familiar space of yesterday, they are slowly moving in front of my eyes. Slowly opened, so skillful and natural, I believe they have not been rehearsed, nor the slightest affectation. Just last night, the world slowly fell silent until it fell into silence, and this morning, it woke up from the silence again, and no one will tell us what happened, and no one will explain the silence of this morning to us.
   How brave must the first ray of sunlight penetrate the darkness, gently tearing open a gap in the curtain in the silence of all things, announcing the end of one and the beginning of another. Light flows out of that gap, like a river of light that has broken its embankment, galloping in time. The morning light, sunlight, and moonlight are all like water, but they have different textures. In the early morning, it is more like a wise man, silent, looking at everything, what has just passed, what is happening, or what will come, is not important in its eyes, it does not need to understand anything, and it does not need to ask anyone. tell what.
   In the morning light, a river seen from a distance is glowing with white light, like a baby lying in the arms of Mother Earth, calm and serene. Wisps of thin water vapor are slowly rising from the river surface, quietly but earnestly, for fear of making a sound. Is a river also afraid to disturb the silence of this morning? Or it is also an accomplice in creating this silence. But no matter what, I still like to look at a river that is still silent in the early morning, like a river’s attitude, and also like my attitude at this time, let time, or just stay quietly for a while.
   The river in the east of the hometown village is very narrow and not long. It flows to the Dawei not far away, and also flows to the place where the sunrise can be seen from the high place in the east of the village. However, the river in the backlight has always remained silent in front of my eyes. Except in the rainy season, it seldom has noisy moments. It used to keep flowing silently for a long time, like a silent person. I often stand a little far away from it, imagining some small sounds by the river, those sounds that can break the silence, the crisp sound of a frog jumping into the river in the grass on the bank in the early morning, a drop of morning dew The short sound of falling into the water is the faint sound of a fish swimming in the water, and they wake up a river little by little. In the early morning, a river rarely kept its silence, just as naturally as it would become noisy afterwards. It didn’t deliberately want to express anything to us, and it never tried to explain anything to me. I looked at it and didn’t try to understand it, just looked at it, at the way it was silent, at the beauty of the silence of this morning.
   In the early morning, the distant mountains are in sight, and the trees on those mountains are not clear. The shrubs under the trees, the grass hidden under the bushes, and the moss crawling under the grass can only be imagined in my imagination. A little tangled, with a serious expression, and remained silent. But they can only be alone, and sometimes they can’t do it at all, because they can’t control a bug that lives in a bush or grass, a bird that sleeps on a branch at night, and those dewdrops that accompany the bird all night. Of course, I can’t control the gust of wind that passes by from time to time. In the silence of the early morning, when the first dewdrops fall from the leaves, there is only a slight noise; every insect chirp is not firm enough; but the first bird chirp is so piercing. These voices can only break the silence for a moment, and they can’t explain anything, and of course they can’t explain anything. Who, then, is to explain the silence of each morning? Some sounds, some plants or animals, some wind and rain, or some silent people passing by, probably very few people can explain clearly.
   After the beginning of spring, I like to get up earlier every day, watching and listening to everything in front of me, without trying to understand anything, just listening and watching quietly, it is very beautiful.

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