How you look can affect your salary

  Numerous studies have shown that looks can affect career advancement; some say looks are even more important to employers than cover letters. We can’t change our genes, but some genes can give us advantages that others don’t.
  If You’re 1.8 Meters Men Men who are 1.8 meters tall earn more than men who are 1.65 meters tall, with an average salary of $5,525, according to
  Harvard University . Another study looked at the height of the presidents of 250 Fortune 500 companies. Overall, male presidents were 5 centimeters taller than average.
  If you have blond hair Researchers from the University
  of Queensland have found that women with blond hair typically earn 7 per cent more than women with other hair colors. They also found that there was a 6 percent difference in how much money a man earned if his wife was a blonde or not.
  If You’re a Slender Lady A study by
  New York University sociologist Conley Dalton found that a woman’s weight gain had a negative impact on her family income and “job prestige.” In fact, a 1% increase in body weight reduces household income by 0.6%. Another study, titled “Health and Wealth,” by Zagoski, found that women who gained weight were worse off economically, with a 12 percent reduction in wealth. In contrast, African-American women lost only 7 percent of their wealth despite gaining weight. Men were not affected by body weight.
  If you are a woman who is 7 centimeters taller than your co-workers
  If women are 7 centimeters taller than the average, then their salary is 5% to 8% higher than the average woman.
  if you have a baby face
  The Journal of Psychological Science published a survey titled “The Teddy Bear Effect: Do CEOs Benefit From Babyfaces?” They concluded that babyfaces, along with warm looks and personality traits, were Everyone can benefit from it. An article in Science Daily wrote, “When it comes to real baby face (not the baby face in that sense), the more obvious the baby face of the president, the higher the income and the greater the achievements, and the more successful the company he leads. Fame, this statement can be confirmed by the Fortune 500 ranking and the company’s annual revenue.”
  If you have a mature face
  Duke University did a study titled “A Corporate Beauty Contest” in which 2,000 headlines were used to match CEO’s facial features for ranking. They found that mature-looking men were perceived as more authoritative.
  If you have a small chin, small eyes or thin eyebrows “A corporate beauty pageant” study
  also from Duke University found that small facial structures make people look less intelligent and therefore less likely to succeed .
  If you look good, do
  you have one big eye and the other small? If so, you may be paid less than average as a result. Good looks are probably the universally recognized mark of beauty, and those who are good-looking earn more than anyone else.
  If You’re Laughing Rick Wilson of
  Rice University did a study on “financial attractiveness.” He found a correlation between good looks and success. In particular, the better-looking a person is, the more people will trust him. He also found that people who smiled were more likely to be trusted than people with serious expressions.
  if you are beautiful
  Daniel Hammermesh of Yale University did a study on “beautiful women in the labor market.” He found that those with good looks earned 5% or more more than average, while unattractive people earned 9% less than average. Hammermesh also writes that attractive men earn 9 percent more than average men, and attractive women earn 4 percent more than average women. There is a lot of evidence that attractive people make more money. Cute children are more liked and more people want to play with them. Teachers pay more attention to good-looking children in the classroom, and companies largely look at looks (but often subconsciously) when hiring.
  If you have a well-groomed face According to
  the Times , “beards have long been identified as a potential barrier to career advancement.” One study found that “60 percent of businessmen who don’t grow beards or beards think it’s a bad sign. Some think People who don’t even bother to shave must have something to hide.” 63% of men think hair loss and baldness will also have a negative impact on their career.
  If You Like Makeup
  “There is solid evidence that women who wear makeup in business get better jobs and advance faster.” A study published by The Times found that “64% of directors believe that makeup is Women look more professional, with 18 percent of directors saying women without makeup give the impression that they simply don’t want to work hard.”
  If you dress well
  Harvard Business Review has an article on “How Professional and Well-Dressed Can Help You Advance “The article reads: “Women, especially those who believe that dressing is an important factor for success: 53% believe that ambitious women should have a bottom line in dressing, avoid heavy makeup, plunging necklines, mini skirts, tight skirts And long fingernails, that is the kind of dress taboo stipulated by the Swiss Bank. In fact, half of the women and 37% of the men surveyed believe that appearance and career are intrinsically linked, and they believe that good appearance helps to establish Confidence, and self-confidence is the most basic quality of a true leader.”
  If you are elegant
  According to a study done by Harvard Business School, how you sit can help boost your confidence. Keep your chest up, or lean forward. This posture makes people think you have authority. Why? Good posture raises testosterone levels by about 20 percent while lowering the stress hormone cortisol. And vice versa. If you slouch, cross your legs, and look weak, the result will be against you. Just two minutes of sitting upright can make a psychological difference. According to the study, “People with good manners are more rewarded with attention and feel significantly more ‘powerful’ and ‘responsible’ than informal people.”

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