Upgrade your sex investment

  You may be willing to buy a house and a car, and you may be willing to spend a few months without food or drink to buy an LV bag, but the money spent on sex is still in the 70s. It’s time to upgrade your sex consumption. From a vanilla erotic condom to a box of the safest and most effective birth control pills, from your first Nissan vibrator to a sex yoga session, from a erotic movie tour to a sex spiritual journey for two in India… …
  For life, the standard of happiness should not only be a large house and a beautiful car, but also a good quality of sex life. Some experts called for “enjoyment of sexual happiness” should also be listed as one of the happiness GDP assessments. Therefore, if you are a person who knows how to enjoy the quality of life, you should have a corresponding investment in sex GDP.
  10 yuan to 100,000 yuan investment plan
  Do you know how much economic benefit you have created for you once? Someone has done a study, and the pleasure brought by a “sex” is equivalent to spending $1,000.
  Of course, if there are benefits, there will be costs. We have specially customized a set of sex investment plans from petty bourgeois to noble.
  10 yuan investment: There was a rumor on the TT
  Internet that a certain sex lover Grandet used TT, washed it and dried it in the sun before using it. Although it is low-carbon and environmentally friendly, it is obviously surprising to save money. TT now comes in a variety of flavors, from fruity to threaded to ultra-thin. A sex products company in the United States even specially launched some celebrity brand TT, such as “Tiger Woods” brand, in order to satisfy people’s love for celebrities. As long as it is not a limited edition of 1,000 yuan, generally TT is something we can afford.
  100-500 yuan investment: sex toys
  Women ‘s underwear must buy the best, don’t give up, think about his sweating profusely when he can’t open your zipper at a critical moment, do you still care about the money?
  Of course, sex toys such as perfume are also necessary investments. Women like the psychedelic “masculine fragrance” on men. Men who wear perfume will make women feel that they are a little uninhibited, while men who insist on using a perfume will make women feel that he has a sense of security. As for women’s perfume, That is a must for sex. The Americans conducted an experiment and found a lady with a very ordinary appearance. Her husband always dealt with business as usual. She joined the experiment, often wearing some estrogen-containing perfume, and her husband felt as if he was 10 years younger.
  In addition to underwear and perfume, all kinds of sex toys should also be considered for investment. Such as sex massage stick, couple toys and so on.
  500-1000 yuan investment: sex feast
  You can put some cream cakes, apple slices, grapes, etc. on each other, in short, let the lovers become an authentic sex platter. Then, you can take the opportunity of eating a big meal to kiss the other person’s whole body. It is conceivable that when the other party is lying there, it must feel like a light and floating cloud.
  In “Nine and a Half Weeks of Love”, which is called a “sex education film”, Kim Basinger is lying naked on the kitchen floor, water droplets from melting ice cubes drip down her curves, and Mickey Locke spread a jam made of cherries, tomatoes, peppers and honey on her soft body… Every time a man sees this, he can’t help but swallow his saliva.
  5,000 to 10,000 yuan investment: private parts cosmetic surgery
  According to the report of the “New York Observer”, the latest service item in the beauty industry is “private parts beauty”. This trend has blown from the West to the East Coast, and Manhattan hipsters are flocking to it.
  American actress Tabetha revealed on Howard Stone’s radio talk show that she had just had the facial and showed Stone the “results”. The so-called private parts beauty treatment first started in 2000. Los Angeles is the birthplace. The customer base is some Hollywood actresses. Then the news gradually spread, and even ordinary women who love beauty joined the ranks.
  Each treatment costs $150, and according to them, the cosmetic is called “Giving the Butt a New Face.”
  10,000 to 30,000 yuan: tickets to the Erotic Film Festival
  If you want to improve your quality of sex while traveling, invest yourself in a plan to go to an erotic film festival.
  For example, go to South Korea, which is famous for making erotic films. The only 100% adult-only erotic film festival in Korea has grown into a film festival centered on female audiences since it was held in 2007.
  Of course, you can also consider going to Chinese Taipei, Italy, Berlin, Germany, the United Kingdom and other places to watch erotic film festivals. The erotic film festivals in these places have their own styles, which guarantee that when you enjoy the “beauty”, you can make your sex spring full of spring.
  30,000 to 50,000 yuan investment:
  Why does Samantha in “Sex and the City” look so charming and passionate? Have you noticed Samantha’s favorite sport? By the way, sex! And her favorite yoga!
  World-renowned personal trainer Martin Feiffer commented on the relationship between yoga and sex – “If your limbs are flexible enough, you can make various poses, and you will be willing to try; bodyweight-based exercises), you can hold the positions you like for longer; and if your bodies fit each other well, you can experience the beauty of sex more deeply.” Might as well go to India first-
  this The birthplace of yoga Learn the most classic yoga technique, when the hands and feet are intertwined and the limbs are flexible, does it make you move and turn more freely? Of course, sex spirituality is not just about sex yoga, it includes meditation under the guidance of the teacher, sex recipe conditioning, tantric practice, etc. Through a series of courses, your body can become extra sensitive and energetic.
  50,000 to 80,000 yuan investment: Own a sex bed How about
  owning a “sex bed” worth 56,800 yuan? Massage, constant temperature, sleep aid, and more importantly, it can assist you to complete various difficult postures. Although the “missionary style” of men on top of women is the most classic and enduring position, it is also a good option to try other positions occasionally. What should I do if my waist strength is not enough? The 56,800 yuan came into play!
  The “sex bed” here refers to the “cantilever movable bed with exercise device” that has won the national patent, which is called “the lazy man’s sex bed” by the media. The inventor Fang Yaolun once argued that the common name “sex bed” is not appropriate, because this kind of bed has multiple functions.
  In addition to the ordinary version of the sex bed, you can also invest in a luxury version of the “sex bed” priced at 118,000. Lie on this bed and press the button on the remote control stand, the LCD TV will play the program, the mini dining table will slowly stretch out, and the massage device will vibrate gently…it will allow you to enjoy the beauty of sex more.
  $100,000 investment: travel to space and have sex
  ”Humans may realize space sex within 10 years.” This is predicted by the famous female writer Laura Woodmancy of the National Space Association in her new book “Space Sex”. British Virgin Galactic travel company has officially announced that it will launch space travel for ordinary people. Most of the applicants are couples who dream of having sex in the sky.
  No longer bound by gravity, you can “do” whatever you want. As long as the body flexibility allows, you can challenge all the unprecedented difficult movements.
  Of course, if you want to enjoy such wonderful sex in space, of course it costs a lot. At present, the US private manned spacecraft “Spaceship One” and the “C-XXI” tourist spacecraft planned to be developed by Russia go to space, and the price of the flight is about 100,000 US dollars per person.

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