See yourself correctly

  How do you know where you are? How do you know if you’re the one?
  We call it the coordination of virtue and talent, which means the coordination of “virtue” and “talent”. You can do this without getting tired. Then how do you know whether your virtue and ability are compatible? I will say “Feng’s three points” and talk about three points.
  The first point is to have a certain amount of inferiority complex, that is, to know that you are just one of all living beings. Because I saw too many ordinary and confident people, two words came to my mind: cannon fodder; I was tired, and the surroundings were tired, and he ended up miserable. Let me put it this way, I always start from the perspective of low self-esteem. At the beginning, I thought that I might not be able to do it. You can call this kind of mentality low self-esteem or reverence, it doesn’t matter.
  I think the second thing is that it is very important to try to meet the strongest person. This is likely to be a process of disenchantment, and disenchantment is to get rid of the charm. Many of the things we see are likely superficial phenomena.
  When you see a movie star, you think it is particularly beautiful, but it is very likely that it was picked out one by one, and one of the 100 photos was selected for you to see. The people you seem to think are great, beautiful, capable, and rich are actually pretending, or in other words, the ones presented to you are selected. You don’t need to define him as pretending, but he is distorted in time and space. It is a painted skin, which is to be displayed for you to see.
  There are many people around me who claim to be worth tens of billions. Every time I see me, I invite him to dinner. I said brother, this has been done 10 times, why don’t you treat me to an ice cream, or what are you doing with tens of billions? You said you want to be good-looking, I can invite you 10 times, he looks like Zhu Bajie; you said that even if you bring your second aunt, we can have a family together. Be sure to pay attention to the process of getting rid of flattery. If you have real insights, it is very likely that you will know that they are lying to you 80 to 90 percent of the time.
  After having low self-esteem and having a correct understanding of the world, I think I can try the next third one. If you still have low self-esteem as the premise and a clear understanding of the world as the condition, but you still want to give it a try, then give it a try and let the world slap you. What does that mean? It’s very simple, if you have the ability, you write a book, write a novel, if you have the ability, you sell the book. If it really doesn’t work after you try it, then do something else as soon as possible, or go to bed.

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