”Don’t you think it sounds good? Five notes divided into three sections, clarinet piece, saxophone point.” This is the line in the famous movie “North African Spy” (also known as “Casablanca”). Casablanca, the name alone has a bit of unique charm and poetry.
  I went to Casablanca just in time for sunset. The sunset in Casablanca is unique. The red of the setting sun is not the bright and eye-catching sunset red, nor carmine or rose red, but light red with orange yellow and orange red, like peach blossoms at the end of March, like cherry blossoms soaked in water. The yellow sand of the Sahara desert blown from the Atlas Mountains flew over Marrakech and gradually merged into the water vapor of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, just like the paint on the palette suddenly added water, under the reflection of the setting sun, Shows a unique red and yellow luster. The setting sun hangs over the Atlantic Ocean, hanging steadily, so big, so round, so close. At the end of the setting sun, the blue sea just now was suddenly dyed pink, shimmering and sparkling, and the brilliance was red and yellow, green and blue, such a colorful sea and colorful clouds , I’m afraid it can only be seen in Casablanca.
  Casablanca is also known as the “White City”. Here, as far as the eye can see, white is everywhere, the buildings are white, and so are many cars. “Casablanca” originally means a white house. Of course, the fact that this place is still white may have something to do with people’s religious beliefs. In short, when you see the unique white between the blue sky and the vast sea, you must be deeply moved.

  I believe many people know that Casablanca started from the Hollywood movie “North African Spy”. In the movie about parting from life and death on a stormy night, Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman acted so sincerely and affectionately that people could not talk about it, let it go and couldn’t let it go, only weeping quietly. It is said that some viewers sat in the movie theater from the first scene to the last scene before coming out. The lovers couldn’t hold back their excitement, embraced each other and shed tears, and cried aloud, but no one in the theater blamed them, as if the crying came from the screen, attracting more lovers to embrace, cry, and swear to each other .
  I went to Casablanca also because of this movie. I went to get rid of the love of the year and repay the wish of the year. But some people say that all the scenes of this poignant love movie were shot in Hollywood studios in the United States, not in Casablanca. However, is the emotion expressed in the movie true? Is love real? Is life and death real? of course it’s true. In fact, this is enough, so why worry about where it was shot?
  Casablanca, which is both strange and familiar, is so wonderful, so romantic, so deep and meaningful, so nostalgic. Walk into Rick’s Café, feel the Casablanca a hundred years ago, and listen to the moving stories in the movies. Familiar doors and windows, white walls, white arched corridors, ancient and precious crystal lamps on the white roof, red, green and yellow tassels on the milky white table lamps, and carved African mahogany chairs, noble and elegant, The beige music score was placed on the familiar reddish-brown old-fashioned French piano, and people’s clear footprints were left on the deep red carpet…

  The sun is shining brightly, and the second floor is a good place to look at the scenery from the window. The warm and polite reception of the male waiter wearing a brown-red round cap left a deep impression on people. The theme song “Time Flies” from “Casablanca” was playing in the hall all the time, and some people were so fascinated by it that the waiter in the cafe would quietly replace him with a cup of hot coffee. There is an old TV next to the stairs on the second floor, and “Casablanca” is playing on the TV. The film is said to have been playing from the time the cafe opened until now. Some tourists who love to be more serious once asked, will it still be played after the museum is closed? Unexpectedly, the answer turned out to be extremely positive.
  When you sit on the window seat on the second floor of the cafe, let the Atlantic sea breeze blow your face, and the moving “Time Flies” sounds in your ears, the feeling of traveling through time and space arises spontaneously; Only when you drink the characteristic mint tea, you will feel, “The dead are like a man, never giving up day and night”, really!

  Casablanca’s “shocking” work is the Sea Mosque. It is not only the largest mosque in Africa, but also the third largest mosque in the world, and the only mosque in the world built on the sea. This magnificent mosque was built during the reign of King Hassan II of Morocco. At that time, the king summoned skilled craftsmen from all over the world, spent huge sums of money, and worked day and night for seven years. Finally, this mosque, which looks like a sea ship, was built on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean. People who come to Casablanca will come to see this magical mosque.
  Anywhere in Casablanca, you can see this tall and beautiful sea mosque as long as you look up. The mosque is covered with emerald green glazed tiles. The milky white walls against the blue sky and blue sea make the whole building look more holy. The walls are inlaid with beautiful colorful marble patterns. The corridors of the square are wide and far-reaching, imposing. The hall is surrounded by copper plate art sculptures and hanging decorations, adding a bit of artistic flavor to the solemn religious building. The marble on the ground is paved from the square to the prayer hall. Almost every piece of marble is exquisitely carved. People walking on it seem to be in a palace of art. Looking up, giant crystal chandeliers with a height of more than 20 meters make the main hall, which can accommodate 30,000 people at the same time, more magnificent!
  What is even more shocking is that this sea mosque is very modern. The roof of the main prayer hall of the mosque can be opened or closed according to the program by remote control; the 25 street doors are all made of titanium alloy, which can effectively resist the erosion of seawater; the marble floor in the hall can be heated all year round, and the temperature drops suddenly in winter When the temperature rises, the floor can be automatically heated to ensure that the hall is always warm as spring in winter; if the temperature is high in summer, the roof can be opened within 5 minutes to quickly dissipate heat and let natural wind blow in in time; the hall is also equipped with advanced Air automatic detection device…

  This sea mosque also houses the largest Islamic library in the world. When I gently pushed open the heavy door of the library, looking around, there are layers of books, one cabinet after another, from the ground floor to the roof of the hall, it is like an ocean of books, and there are rows of large reading chairs People sitting quietly reading books.
  Crossing the Atlas Mountains from the south of Casablanca is the Sahara Desert, which reminds people of the sentence in Sanmao’s “The Story of the Sahara”, “A grain of sand fell from the sky, and the Sahara has been formed since then”. Next time I go to Morocco, I plan to go straight to the Sahara at the first stop to visit the moving legends about the Sahara.

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