No second is wasted

  Ten years ago, I was working as a nurse in a public hospital in Idaho. Once, a patient came to the ward who had just undergone an operation. His postoperative state was very poor, sometimes awake, sometimes coma, and the coma time was much more than the awake time. It’s no surprise, I mean, Dr. Decker predicted several outcomes before the operation. Unfortunately, his situation was one of the worst.
  To make matters worse, the patient’s family seems to have abandoned him. From what they said, I heard that they may not be able to continue to pay medical bills. Moreover, I haven’t seen them for two consecutive days. In this way, I need to keep an eye on the patient in case something happens to him suddenly. Dr. Decker told me that he may stop breathing at any time and needs to be closely monitored for timely rescue.
  I’m a little irritable, especially when I’m on the night shift. The long winter nights are a test for those who are awake. Originally, I could hide in the duty room after zero o’clock and sleep warmly for a while, but now, I have to stay by the patient’s side, sitting on a stool and counting the minutes and seconds. To be honest, I don’t know what the point is, I even think it’s a waste of time. I mean, the patient will probably never wake up, he will leave this world in his sleep—according to Dr. Decker, the probability of this possibility is not low. The family members of the patient have given up…
  In the middle of the night, Dr. Decker sat down beside me and handed me a cup of hot coffee. “Did you know? More than 20 years ago, I worked in the obstetrics and gynecology department. I once delivered a baby weighing only 450 grams.” Dr. Decker said, taking a sip of coffee.
  I know that Dr. Decker is about to start telling stories again. I really like listening to Dr. Decker’s stories. He has many years of experience in medicine, and he has all kinds of stories in his mind. Just like the beginning of this story, it immediately caught people’s heart. Such a small baby has almost no hope of surviving.
  ”Yes, many people have said that. She is so small, she looks loose when I hold her in my hand.” Dr. Dirk seemed to be lost in memory, “Her head is like an egg, oh no, it’s still Not as big as an egg. Her thighs are as thick as my fingers.”
  ”It’s pathetic,” I said with a sigh. Dr. Deke nodded and said: “The situation is really not optimistic. She will stop breathing at any time, and her heart is too weak to beat. I have been with her for half a month, day and night. Together. Keep your eyes on her closely, pay attention to her every breath, and gently run your fingertips along her chest…” ”
  You are wasting time. Based on past experience, I can be sure that she has 90% may not be able to last.” Although I sympathize with the baby, this is an undeniable fact. “I know. But I don’t think I was wasting my time, as it turned out.” Dr. Decker looked at me and said, “She survived and got stronger every day.” “Really?
  ” I exclaimed, “This is a miracle! I really want to see what that little mouse-like baby looks like now.”
  Dr. Decker laughed: “Actually, you have seen it. At this moment, she Stand right in front of me.” I froze! God, could that baby be me? All I know is that I was an orphan and Dr. Decker adopted me. But I didn’t know that before that, there was such a thrilling experience!
  Looking at Dr. Deke’s smile and the patient lying on the bed, my irritability and exhaustion disappeared all of a sudden. I know that in the face of patients who need treatment, every persistence will not be let down, and every second will not be wasted.

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