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    Looking at the world at the place where we go to the world

      Portugal may not be a typical big country, but it pioneered the earliest model of “globalization” in the 15th century. The Portuguese were fond of sailing, and their early nautical explorations initially connected the isolated continents into a whole. It is precisely because of this that Portugal’s world cultural heritage also has a strong integration of Europe, Asia and Africa. The author used the opportunity of a study tour in Europe to visit 11 cultural heritage sites located in various parts of Portugal in half a month, and personally experienced the early collision of Eastern and Western civilizations under the influence of the “Maritime Silk Road”.   Lisbon: From here to…

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    The smell of the millennium

      In 1145 BC, Ramses VI came to the throne of Egypt. In the hymn written to him, the Egyptian subjects at that time described his governance measures as follows: “The first job of the new pharaoh is to get rid of the stench produced by fish and birds in the swamp along the Nile River.” How effective is this project? No way of knowing. But more and more evidence shows that the people of ancient Egypt were quite particular about smell. You can guess what’s in it from the gas that comes out of the bottle Catch the clues of the smell   For a long time, due to the lack…

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    Double-sided fungus

      A turtle beetle in the tropical rainforest of Panama has a pupa covered with a white, waxy substance. Scientists once believed that the substance was the secretion of tortoise beetles. Until 2020, scientists from a German Institute of Biology discovered that this white substance would actually grow in a petri dish. That means it’s not a discharge. So what exactly is it? research doesn’t stop   Through scanning electron microscope observation and gene sequencing, scientists discovered that this layer of white substance was actually a plant pathogen – Fusarium oxysporum (a white filamentous fungus). Although the fungus can be detected throughout the tortoise beetle’s life cycle, the scientists focused on the…

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