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    “Dangerous” ChatGPT: Legal, Ethical, and Philosophical Challenges

      ”The law of safety and security in the world”, ChatGPT is no exception, it is a veritable double-edged sword. Some people crazily praised it, while others began to calmly think about the hidden dangers it brought to human beings. Ethical supervision is indispensable   When many people use ChatGPT to assist their study, work, and life, some people are thinking of various ways to “teach” it.   Anyone who has talked with ChatGPT knows that if it is operated in a normal way, even if you ask it some potentially sensitive and controversial questions, you will only get “stable” and “drip-free” answers. However, when someone asks how to shoplift and reminds that…

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    Towards a Brave New World

      In November 2022, the chat robot ChatGPT was born, breaking the rigid dogma of AI in the past, and can almost produce smooth and silky interaction with users like a human. The performance of ChatGPT is incredible; using it feels like using Google Search for the first time, there is a feeling of “magic moment” coming. When AI becomes less like AI, the era of AIGC (AI Generative Content, AI generated content) comes.   In fact, generative AI is not a new thing, it has been around for a long time. It’s just that two major events that will appear in 2022-the phenomenon-level explosion of image generation tools and chat tools…

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    Ban ChatGPT? The educational and academic circle is “a little flustered”

      A well-structured academic paper may only take a few minutes to complete, do you believe it?   Believe it or not, this is already a reality. ChatGPT, an AI tool released by the American artificial intelligence laboratory OpenAI in November last year, has rapidly become popular around the world at a jaw-dropping speed, because it can not only answer questions, but also let the human brain feel like creating poetry, writing code, and writing papers. Complicated things become easy.   As its popularity soared, doubts and controversies followed, especially in education and academia, who were worried about the possible abuse of this technology, and even began to issue bans to build a…

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