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    Reading and life

      In the 1990s, when I came back from studying abroad, bookstores began to close one after another, and only recently did they start to pick up.   In fact, we Chinese are a nation that loves books very much, and the tradition of loving books is also passed down in our daily language. For example, a scholarly family, a family of book etiquette, if we praise a person, we will say that he is bookish, or even say that “everything is inferior, only reading is high”. Our ancient books also reflect this. “The Analects of Confucius” has a total of 20 chapters, and there is no strong logical relationship between chapters…

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    The Queen’s Hand: Visiting Rajasthan, India

      Long ago, there was a little king of ancient India who lived in a palace deep in the desert. Because it is on the ancient Silk Road where gold, silver and precious stones formed rivers, his palace has everything that one expects to find. Legend has it that there was the most beautiful queen in his palace, and even the Mughal emperor could not forget seeing her in the reflection of the pool in the palace.   The walls of his palace were adorned with innumerable miniatures, flowers painted in saffron juice that never faded, between which were inlaid countless colored gemstones, and countless fragments of mercury mirrors. When night comes,…

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    Outside the window

      Where do we start? When you want to speak, you can’t find a source for everything you say.   At this moment, just under my eyes are the backs of four countrymen: one with a dark white cloth wrapped around his head, two with faded blue cloth, and one with a bald head. They propped up their knees, half squatted and half sat, and rested on the short wall along the stream. Each had a simple thing in his hand; one was a stick of white wood, and one was a basket, and the two I could not see clearly under the shade of the trees. Undoubtedly, they have already walked…

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