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    The future of war is already taking shape

      In the past year since the conflict broke out, the weapons used by Russia and Ukraine have competed on the battlefield. There are not only tanks and anti-tank weapons, but also first-class air defense systems, fifth-generation fighter jets, and new drones and Internet satellite communication systems. Therefore, this conflict It is also regarded as the “touchstone” of the latest military strategy and weaponry by the global military community. The characteristics of various forms of warfare, such as mechanization, informatization, and intelligence, have emerged and are mixed and superimposed, which may become the state of future warfare. Starlink satellite system   Musk’s Starlink satellite system not only helped the Ukrainian army launch…

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    critique of weapons

      As the largest military conflict in Europe since the 21st century, the Russia-Ukraine conflict has erupted for nearly a year, and there is no sign of easing up yet. Even if the two sides may eventually return to the negotiating table, if any party wants to win the initiative, it cannot do without exerting greater military pressure on the other party. Although weapons and equipment are not the only factors that determine the outcome of a war, weapons at hand and reasonable use may change the trend of the battlefield to a large extent. After all, weapons of criticism are not as good as criticism of weapons.   What are the…

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    Friction within the US-EU alliance

      On the occasion of the nearly one-year anniversary of the outbreak of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the 59th Munich Security Conference was held from February 17 to 19. Political figures from many countries gathered in Munich, and the focus of the issue was indeed Russia and Ukraine.   Christoph Heusgen, who was Merkel’s foreign policy adviser during her tenure as chancellor and later Germany’s permanent representative to the United Nations, now chairs the Munich Security Conference. He came forward to invite countries to participate in the conference, but Russia was absent from the Mu’an Conference for the first time since 1999.   Heusgen explained that this was to avoid “providing…

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