Scale of life

  Life is an art, and the most important thing is to grasp the scale. Everyone has a ruler in his heart, which can be used to measure others and himself. If there is no ruler in the heart, life will have no height. As the saying goes, the world is unpredictable, and the difficulty lies in impermanence; everything has a degree, and the degree lies in justness. Doing things properly is the greatest learning in life; being a man properly is the highest state of life. It is indeed not easy to control the scale of “just right” in life, but it is also a measure to grasp the scale, know right and wrong, and know how to advance and retreat.
  Luo Lili, a famous Chinese mountaineer, once climbed Mount Everest to a height of 8,680 meters, but suddenly stopped advancing and retreated down the mountain. Countless people once felt sorry for her, because she was only a hundred steps away from creating a miracle. But she said: “I can only get there, and there is the limit of my life.” She grasped the limit of her life, so she survived, and then accumulated enough energy to challenge the limit again, and finally successfully climbed to the top. The same is true in life, sometimes you can create better opportunities for yourself if you grasp the scale of life. There must be a degree in everything, people who use too much force often can’t go far. Only when you don’t love too much can you enjoy the sweetness of feelings happily; if you don’t sleep too late, you can easily get rid of the entanglement of troubles; if you don’t think too much, you can live easily. The same is true of life, leave yourself a proper space, and you will find that life is so delicious, and shortcomings are also a kind of beauty.
  Only by being a human being and controlling the scale of doing things well can the complexity be simplified. Everything must be in moderation, in order to control yourself and grasp your life well. Some things, you see but not see clearly, see clearly but not understand, understand but not see through, see through but not see through. Only by grasping the standard of being a human being, knowing it well, seeing through without telling, seeing through without revealing, can we better restrain ourselves and achieve a better life.

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