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    Punk rock poet laureate

    Patti Lee Smith (Patti Lee Smith, 1946— ), an American female poet, singer, and performance artist, began to write poetry in the late 1960s, and wrote Seventh Heaven, Horses, “Easter” (Easter), “Cowboy Mouth” (Cowboy Mouth) and many other anthologies and plays. The 1970s was the golden age of his poetry creation. Although Smith made her debut by reciting poems with live music and actively participated in the “second revival” of American rock music in the 1970s. He is the first of its kind in poetry and enjoys a high reputation in the American contemporary literary circle. As Smith lamented looking back: “Most of my poetry is about women, because women…

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    Yasuko Hirabayashi: Perseverance in adversity

      Yasuko Hirabayashi (1905-1972) is an important female writer who experienced the transformation of Japanese society before and after World War II. To commemorate Yasuko Hirabayashi’s achievements in literature, Yasuko Hirabayashi Memorial Hall was built in her hometown, Suwa City, Nagano Prefecture, Japan. The scene in the museum reproduces Yasuko’s living room before his death, including Yasuko’s daily necessities and her and writer friends information about their contacts, etc. On the second floor of the Suwa City Library, there is also a special “Hirabayashi Memorial Library” to store Yasuko’s collection of books.   Yasuko was born in a village by Lake Suwa, she was the third daughter in the family. Taizi’s ancestors…

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    From agent to writer

      In 1952, Ian Fleming (1908-1964) created the first Bond novel “007 vs. Casino Royale”. It was the beginning of his writing career and the end of his less than legendary 007 experience. The “Headlines” Controversy   At around 10 am on April 8, 1933, a train from Berlin arrived at Belorusskaya Station in Moscow. Among the passengers was a tall young man in a colorful suit who was very conspicuous. He got on the Lincoln car that picked him up and went to the “National Hotel”, looking at the streets and pedestrians in Moscow with great interest along the way. This young man is the British Reuters reporter Fleming, who came…

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