Time is never wasted by us

  Some people are taught from childhood that those who are better than you sleep less and learn more than you. Such stress leads these individuals to take their chronic sleep deprivation for granted, and feel like they’re getting too much if they get eight hours.
  In fact, time is used to “waste”, or time has never been wasted by us. Time flows in any form and has its value and meaning. Wasting time is just a way for the body and mind to regulate itself and regain balance.
  Time is life, and how to spend time is a conscious or unconscious choice of a person who arranges his own life form independently. This choice is a human need, at least at a certain level, at a certain time, and at a certain stage.
  Children’s time is fully arranged, there is no time for autonomy and freedom, and the inner world and emotions are not sufficiently connected and cared for. When they are old enough, there is a high probability that they will strike and stop work, because they begin to desire the feeling of self-driven from the inside out, which is the need of life instinct.
  Although there are various reasons for children’s refusal, suspension of school, suspension of school, and school weariness, specific to individuals and families, one of them can be understood as a manifestation of children’s self-awareness improvement and self-determination. They no longer succumbed to external rhythms and arrangements, and began to want to listen to their inner needs and feelings. This is actually the children presenting their life demands and vitality in the form of questions.
  Adults also have similar feelings. If you feel that a certain behavior of yours wasted time, you can try to make a connection with that state at that time, return to that state through breathing, and feel how you felt at that time, yes Comfortable or uncomfortable.
  If it feels good, you can fully own that moment through breathing, and be at ease in that moment. “Waste” is just a judgment made by your mind. If waste brings you good feelings, then you deserve it. That feeling of guilt is the real waste. If it is uncomfortable, you can ask yourself: What is the purpose of doing this thing? Do you want to continue doing this? Is there any better option?
  When “waste” is deconstructed, waste does not exist. Either way, you have, experienced, and felt time and life. This sense of ownership and autonomy allows you to reconnect with your inner strength and confidence. You can control your time and life, and you can control your life, study and work.

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