5 ways to speed up your metabolism

  Recently, the French “Modern Women” website introduced 5 simple and practical methods to teach you to increase your metabolic rate and lose fat easily.
  Get up early and jog for 5 minutes. Jogging for 5 minutes on an empty stomach after getting up early can consume 40 kcal of heat.
  Drink a glass of lemonade before breakfast. Drinking a glass of lemonade 30 minutes before breakfast can stabilize blood sugar, supplement vitamin C, promote metabolism, and burn fat. In addition to lemonade, eating a kiwi, orange or strawberry is also effective.
  Eat more red peppers. Red pepper is low in calories, and has the effect of burning fat and suppressing appetite. The effect is better when red pepper is paired with low-calorie and high-nutrition vegetables such as broccoli and Chinese cabbage.
  Put some ginger in the dish. Ginger has the functions of invigorating blood and warming the body, burning fat, and preventing summer burnout. In summer, you might as well add some ginger powder to tea or vegetables.
  Drink plenty of mineral water. Mineral water is rich in magnesium and calcium, which are essential minerals for promoting human metabolism and preventing fat accumulation.

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