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    NASA’s first step on the landing “Space Launch System” rocket launch delayed again

      In August 2022, NASA once again postponed the launch of its “Space Launch System” (SLS) heavy rocket. SLS is a key component of the Artemis moon landing program.   Today, NASA is continuing to gather data to understand why the RS-25 engine was not successfully raised to the proper temperature range for liftoff, missing the launch window.   It is understood that NASA will try to launch the SLS again at noon EST on September 2. If it still fails, the third launch window will be on September 5th locally.   But if all three launch dates prove unsuccessful, NASA may have to retest the SLS’s flight termination system. The system is used…

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    Fifteen years late apology

      I suddenly shuddered: Yes, I still have two students who left the classroom halfway, are they okay at this time? When I think of these two students, my guilt suddenly overflows.   This chance meeting with student Xiaoli touched the pain in my heart that I least want to evoke. Although I have only been teaching for three years, in the dead of night, I thought of two students who I had taught for no reason.    I have never dared to mention it in front of others, and I can only bear it silently in my heart, gradually piling up, and sometimes it makes me breathless. So, I said to…

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    General’s bread

      The little girl refused to ask for bread. She said: “Uncle, you still have to fight. You can eat it, and I will just eat the bread crumbs you dropped.” In November 1942, the tragic Battle of Stalingrad was in a   stalemate . In the snowstorm, a group of Soviet troops rested on the march. The general also stood in the snow and gnawed on the frozen bread. A little girl in ragged clothes came over at some unknown time, holding the bread crumbs in her hands, and was picking up the fallen bread crumbs below.   The general looked down and saw the little girl, squatted down immediately, and said,…

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