After uninstalling Douyin, the whole world has become better!


I uninstalled TikTok.

Not because it’s bad, on the contrary, because it’s too successful.

He managed to steal all my time and make me part of its algorithm.

I start to brush when I get up in the morning; I can brush on the way to work; I can brush in line for meals, I can brush when I go to the toilet, I can brush between work, and I can brush when I go to bed at night. I am inseparable from it.

And my patience for watching videos is getting lower and lower. Basically, a video only starts for a few seconds, and then quickly slides to the next one. I am getting more and more impatient.

When swiping, it can temporarily relieve my anxiety, but as soon as I turn off the vibrato, I feel dazed again, and the sense of emptiness reappears, and then I want to swiping for a while, and it keeps repeating like this.


The pleasure of watching short videos and the bewilderment after watching seem to exist at the same time. I began to think about what is the underlying logic of Douyin’s addiction?

The video is just tens of seconds long, which combines music/picture/performance and other elements, and the sound is exaggerated, and the performance is exaggerated. It is easier to stir up our emotions than anything else.

This is the side effect of technological progress. Douyin is the most cost-effective way to obtain happiness, and it is also the way to obtain happiness with the lowest threshold. It is within reach, and you can just turn on the phone . ” The sensory stimulation is very addictive. We no longer socialize, we no longer go out, we no longer think, because happiness is available anytime, anywhere.

And “algorithm recommendation” is a very clever recommendation mechanism. It constantly collects our data, interprets you from a high-dimensional perspective, examines you, and digs out your deepest hobbies. The more you like something, the more Repeatedly push something to you, let you indulge infinitely. We have all become part of big data, and we are hunted by big data without knowing it.


The most critical issue is that people are ” desensitized ” to pleasure. Our threshold for pleasure is constantly rising. If a person wants to get pleasure all the time, he has to continuously increase the degree of stimulation. You need to be stimulated more continuously and intensely in order to continue to get pleasure.

For example, some people smoke one pack every two days at the beginning, then one pack a day, and then two packs a day, and finally even two cigarettes at the same time. Opium, gambling, drug use, pornography, voyeurism, betel nut chewing, etc. all follow this logic.

Therefore, as we swipe through one short video after another, our brain also needs to get more stimulating content in order to continue to generate pleasure, so our video swipe is getting faster and faster…

We need to keep clicking on “Next”, because we always think that the next one will be more exciting. This feeling seems to relieve our anxiety, but when we click on the new news, we are looking forward to the next news, so it is a bottomless pit to relieve anxiety by swiping short videos.

The longer you swipe short videos, the faster your fingers will swipe… until your brain memory becomes full, and the content can no longer be input into your brain.

At this time, not only will you lose your pleasure, but you will also lose energy about everything in the outside world, and you will also lose interest in life, depressed and depressed, and everything will be dull. So every time we finish the short video, we will feel lost and empty.

The biggest harm is: once you get used to this kind of “low cost, high return” stimulation, it will be difficult for you to do those “high investment, slow return” things. For example, after reading a book, accomplishing a work goal, etc., this kind of thing has little immediate stimulation, but it has long-term rewards, but we lose interest in such things.

Why can’t most people reject short videos? Because of human nature, we all tend to those vulgar stimuli, and instinctively avoid high-level content.

There is such an experiment: an electrode is buried in the brain of a mouse, and the mouse is allowed to step on a pedal to discharge. Every time the electrode is stepped on, the electrode will stimulate the neurons that produce dopamine to excite. As a result, the mice stepped on hundreds of times per minute until they died of exhaustion…


In the future, many people will live in a ” content cocoon “. Videos, or snapping up cheap products, I am busy every day, and I think I am a petty bourgeoisie.

The content production and push mechanism in the future will be more sophisticated, and it can accurately deliver what they want most to each cell. These people will be fed and delivered in the future.

These people will be kept in captivity like pets , indulging in all kinds of short-term stimulation and happiness, being filled with various Internet content and cheap food, and never tired of it.

Why are reading books and watching videos very different ways of acquiring knowledge?

First of all, reading is to actively absorb information, and short videos are to passively absorb information. Only the process of actively absorbing information is the process of independent thinking.

“University” says: Knowing to stop is followed by concentration, calmness is followed by tranquility, tranquility is followed by tranquility, tranquility is followed by concern, concern is followed by attainment. Only when you are quiet can you truly learn. Any noisy external form is just emotional comfort.

Secondly, the text in the book has no picture, no sound, and no performance, which allows us to concentrate on extracting those effective information, and it is easy to form independent thinking ability.

However, there are many renderings of sound/picture/color in the video, which are auxiliary information with strong personal emotions, such as the emotions of the host and commentator, etc. It is these auxiliary renderings that lead many people astray. As a result, many people regard emotions as opinions, prejudices as reason, and stories as truth.


There are two kinds of happiness in the world: consumption happiness and supplementary happiness.

The lower the level of people, the more they like to use consumption-oriented ways to seek happiness, such as entertainment programs, online games, short videos, live broadcasts, etc. They are slaves of dopamine.

The higher the level of people, the better they are at seeking happiness in supplementary ways, such as running, reading, studying, making friends with high-level people, etc. They are good at producing endorphins.

Consumable happiness is at your fingertips, which can give us a sense of satisfaction and let us be surrounded by a comfort zone. At this time, you don’t even want to try things that are slightly difficult, and occasionally you make a little effort, and you think you are working hard.

Supplementary happiness is the result of long-term persistence. At the beginning, you will feel very uncomfortable because it is very counter-instinctive, but once you pass the critical point, you will form a habit that allows us to constantly surpass ourselves. Therefore, excellence is a a habit, not an outcome.

I hope that everyone who reads this article carefully will be able to achieve ” sophistication “.

Let’s encourage each other together!

Put down your phone and cherish the people in front of you.

Go to play ball, sweat like rain with your friends, and feel refreshed after the end.

To fall in love, take a girl’s hand for a walk, your heart will be pounding, this feeling will never be forgotten.

Going to accompany parents or children and seeing their smiles is an eternal memory.

Short videos can never capture this beautiful feeling.

You get a lot of jokes, but you don’t get optimistic.

You learned a lot of truths, but you didn’t live a good life.

You have seen a lot of beautiful scenery and beauties, but your life has not become better.

If you want to be successful in life, don’t indulge in short-term happiness.

Uninstall Douyin and create a better life.

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