I could have endured the dark

  ”I could have endured the darkness if I hadn’t seen the sun.” This is the poem “If I Hadn’t Seeed the Sun” by American poet Emily Dickinson, which is used to describe the fourth child in the movie “Into the Dust”. I’m afraid it’s the most suitable situation.
  Some people say that the movie “Hidden in the Dust and Smoke” is “the whole film does not talk about suffering, but it is beyond the sky; the whole film does not talk about love, but it is love to the extreme”. Two poor redundant people – Ma Youtie and Cao Guiying, came together because they were rejected. With kindness, hard work, and simplicity, they lit up a light in the dark life—live in their own house, buy a big TV, and then take Cao Guiying, who has enuresis, to a big hospital.
  It’s a pity that the light that just came out of the hole in life was snuffed out by Cao Guiying who plunged into the ditch. Since then, Ma Youtie, who has lost his light, was so sad that he lost the strength to live. He drank pesticides and used eggs that Cao Guiying was reluctant to eat to suppress the pain of pesticides. Then, they climbed onto the kang where they had slept together, and quietly waited for death to come.
  Suffering is called suffering because there is no hope in sight. If there is hope, then such suffering is also welcome.
  In the American best-selling novel “The Great Gatsby”, Gatsby, a millionaire who spends money like water, is only bound to live by the little green light on the other side of the river-in which lives his beloved Daisy. However, the cold reality cannot accommodate ethereal dreams. In the end, the goddess in Gatsby’s heart is just a material girl in the world. When all the truth came out, Gatsby’s tragic life ended with a gunshot. His life of devotion to love is as bright as fireworks, but also as short as fireworks.
  Fireworks are just a moment, disillusionment is eternal.
  As long as life goes on, love will not stop. In García Márquez’s novel “Love in the Time of Cholera”, the hero Florentino confessed his feelings to Fermina again after he first met Fermina for fifty-one years, nine months and four days. On this day, Fermina’s husband, Dr. Urbino, went to catch a parrot that flew to a mango tree, but fell off a ladder and died at the age of 81. At that time, Fermina was also 71 years old, and Florentino was 76 years old. After seeing off the guests at the funeral, Florentino actually solemnly wooed Fermina, hoping that she would accept the love he had been loyal to for half a century. No matter how the stars change, whether things are right or wrong, regardless of aging and disease, as long as life lasts forever, then love will always be a medal pinned to the chest, which will always show the purity and perseverance of love.
  Maybe this persistence is a mirage to others, but as long as the time is long enough, as long as the love is always there, in the end that persistence will surpass death, all ridicule and misunderstanding.
  The only thing that can make us survive the darkness is the light at the end of time. Just like the classic line in “The Count of Monte Cristo”: “Before God reveals the picture of the future of mankind, human wisdom is contained in two words: waiting and hope.” In the house built by others, Ma Youtie created a big dream for Cao Guiying who was full of happiness when he built the kang with his own hands: After the autumn harvest, he would use the proceeds from selling grain to buy Cao Guiying the big TV he dreamed of, and then Take Cao Guiying to the big hospital in the city, find a doctor to take a good look at it, and then take the opportunity to have fun in the city where neither of them has been.
  But dreams are dreams after all. Some people say: Cao Guiying died without waking up from a dream, and Ma Youtie died without waking up from a dream. It seems that humble people should not have dreams. Just like a grain of wheat and a donkey should accept the arrangement of fate. No one understands that if they haven’t seen the brilliance of light and tasted the beauty of light, maybe they can really walk alone in the dark forever. But how can those who have seen the sun return to the dim and lonely darkness?
  Loneliness may be a heavy topic, but the romanticism of love gives us a little more hope, even if it is just a fiction, even if it is just an art. As long as there is love, there is courage and strength to resist darkness.

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