Mysterious Qatar: The desert meets the sea, more than a little romance

  In Qatar, the most romantic thing is to look at the sea in the desert. Sand and sea, two extreme landscapes are intertwined here, forming a beautiful picture.
  At the end of the desert is the sea.
  Qatar is a peninsula country that was once an important port on the Maritime Silk Road. Therefore, although it is located in the desert, it enjoys the entire blue sea and blue sky of the Persian Gulf.
  The sea in the Persian Gulf is unforgettable at first sight. It presents a jewel-like blue-green color, and the sparkling light ripples and shimmers under the perennial sunlight at low latitudes, one deep and one shallow, as smart as gorgeous jewels. Connected with the sea is a pale golden beach, the soft fine sand stretches far away, attracting curious people to explore the depths of the desert.
  Banana Island in the Persian Gulf is surrounded by a large expanse of green, sparkling and quiet sea water. The 800-meter-long private beach faces the Doha city skyline across the sea. There are huge palm trees and clumps of white sand on the shore. The flowers, the warm sea breeze passing by, will make people think that they are in the Maldives.
  Relying on its “money ability”, Qatar has decorated the sand and water with luxury hotels, water villas, and high-end restaurants. While enjoying the tranquility, you can also try sand surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving… If you don’t like exciting sports, then take a walk along the Corniche, and you will find that Qatar has a special temperament: the blend of simplicity and modernity , which is full of contradictions but is a whole. The Binhai Boulevard is covered with lawns and flowers, and each flower and plant reveals the unique beauty and prosperity after being carefully cared for. And tall and towering are date palm trees.
  At sunset and dusk, old fishing boats can still be seen in the ports of the Persian Gulf. A wooden dhow, a symbol of Qatar’s seafaring tradition, is a must when you come here. Take a boat along the inner bay of Doha, sail in the ancient and quiet Arabian Gulf, fish and drink, taste food, watch the sunrise and sunset, the vast starry sky, and listen to the beautiful legend of the Thousand and One Nights, which is romantic and cozy.
  Qatar also has spectacular green vegetation, and the Al Taquila mangroves are one such place. It lies north of the seaside city of Khor, where vast expanses of mangrove forests stand in stark contrast to the surrounding desert. This is a vegetated area with its own ecosystem that attracts a variety of birds such as flamingos, herons and more.
  A great way to explore the mangroves is by kayaking. Sit in a kayak and drive into the depths of the mangroves, watching the large vegetation grow wantonly from the bottom of the water, all the way up, swaying in the waves and sea breeze, the scenery is extremely graceful and refreshing. Coupled with the birds such as terns, flamingos and herons that can be glimpsed from time to time along the way, it is quiet and peaceful, as if in paradise.
  On the other side of the sea is the desert rose.
  Qatar is located on the Qatar Peninsula on the southwest coast of the Persian Gulf. It has a typical tropical desert climate in the Middle East. Most of the area is desert covered with sand. It is described as the rose in the desert. The homes built by the ancient Bedouins together with camels and white horses hold up the ancient heritage of Qatar. Here, riding a camel and strolling in the desert can truly feel the inheritance of Qatar’s modern civilization and ancient culture.
  Camels are of unique significance to Qatar, where camel races and camel beauty pageants are held every year. Here, you can also rent a tall and handsome camel, ride it to walk in the desert, look at the dusk in the distance, and enjoy the desert style.
  The continuous crescent-shaped sand dunes surround the blue sea water, and the sand dunes are dazzling in the sun, reflecting each other with the sea water. The perfect terrain and magnificent landscape make this place also an excellent place for four-wheel drive off-road vehicles to play. If there is a chance, the most enjoyable thing is to rent a car in person and experience a real desert off-road. The moment we entered the desert, all road signs and signals disappeared. Intuitive and impulsive, drive up the sand dunes at full throttle. The sand and soil are flying outside the car window, the car body is slightly tilted, and the edge of the almost vertical sand dune can be seen. After weightlessness and acceleration, there will be a flat desert, and at the golden border, a touch of blue suddenly flashes — the shock and touch of that moment is fascinating.
  Camping at night in the hinterland of the desert, away from the noisy neon lights of the city, watching the stars in a pure, perceiving the romance of the desert for thousands of years, and having an unforgettable desert starry sky dinner. This country, half of the sea and half of the desert, combines the pride of the wilderness with the gentleness of the ocean in the most unexpected way.
  In addition, you can also feel the passion of sand flushing here. Climb up the sand dunes, control the skateboard with your body, and dive all the way down. The beauty of the sand and sea is flying past your eyes, bringing the stimulation of adrenaline rush.
  You see, how can this warm and rich desert oasis make people not be tempted?

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