A person mixed to the end, no friends, often only shows a problem

Life is tiring, how long have you not connected with your friends? Life is amazing, how long has it been since you felt the hustle and bustle?

Is it forgotten, or remembered? Is it lucky, or sad?

No matter what, human beings are lonely, we will come and go alone after all.

One sentence is too high to be cold, and it is full of people’s achievements and regrets.

Halfway through your life, if you are alone and have no friends, it is not a joke of fate, nor is it a lack of character, but that you have grown from immature to mature, from noisy to silent.

01: Loneliness, farewell is ineffective social interaction

Mr. Lu Xun has a famous saying: Beasts always travel alone, but cattle and sheep are in groups.

When I was young, I treated each other frankly and tried to talk to each other with my heart; now I understand that the hustle and bustle is all because of the profit coming and going.

So, we got rid of superficiality, looked down on social interaction, refused to be perfunctory, and left the turmoil.

We used to be afraid of loneliness, and we always met with two or three friends late at night for entertainment. It was not loneliness, but loneliness.

When the sun came down, we were forced to leave the venue and walked towards home on the streets that had not yet become lively. The loneliness still could not dissipate, but even more lost.

At this moment, we suddenly realized that loneliness is the normal state of life and a compulsory course.

Those drunken ravings and boring wanderings are not the life we ​​want.

Saying goodbye to ineffective social interaction is not only to stop socializing, but also to stop internal friction.

02: Lonely, focus on the free heart

Sometimes it’s better to be alone than to be on pins and needles with people.

Schopenhauer said: Lonely people are in a world of suffering in peace.

Only when you stay away from the hustle and bustle, can you feel the benefits of being alone, and you can think deeply in the bumps of life, get real freedom, fill your heart, and grow inward.

Some people say that a wise man walks alone.

We may not all become wise men, but we can learn to live with ourselves in loneliness, learn to be indifferent, learn to be strong, and learn to be peaceful.

Quiet to self-cultivation.

Tranquility is a kind of self-cultivation, a kind of realm, and even more a kind of calm power.

Don’t lose yourself because of dependence, don’t lose your freedom because of accommodating, seek the freedom of the heart, watch the joy of self-consistency, and reap the abundance of the soul.

03: Loneliness, cherish the precious present

When we were young, we fantasized about saving the world; when we grow up, we only need to be responsible for ourselves.

Those countless encounters and inaccurate partings form the curve of memory, whether joy or sorrow, leaving winding marks in our lives.

Although the mind is moving, it can’t help but change.

The day of yesterday cannot be left behind, and the day of tomorrow will be empty of worries.

Only now is the focus of our lives.

In the limited time, pay more attention to your inner voice, support a bright future alone, and enjoy the high mountains and rivers alone.

For the rest of your life, live with the situation, cherish the present, and live up to the time.

“The Distant Savior” wrote: “A higher philosopher is alone, not because he is obsessed with solitude, but around him, he cannot find his kind.”

Life is like climbing a high mountain and looking far away. Even if someone is with you for a while, you still have to walk the road step by step and climb the mountain in front of you one by one.

Don’t be obsessed with those eyes that have stared at you, don’t indulge in those situations that have made you lively, so what if you are alone?

I have my glory and my dreams.

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