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Bookstores in Halifax, Canada

  Halifax is a small city on the east coast of Canada, with a population of only about 400,000, but the composition of the population is quite diverse. Known for its rich history, beautiful waterfront and unique culture, the city is one of the most liveable cities in Canada.
  In Halifax, you can listen to a real seaside live music, enjoy street performers, drink freshly roasted coffee, and taste the local signature food, lobster and donal (a kind of beef skin originating from Greece). tartare, Halifax’s unique Canadian delicacy) … I often spend quiet afternoons in the nearby bookstore, where I can look around for some familiar popular authors, or some strange things, and I can’t find it in the big books. Bookshelves in a shopping mall.
Chapitt: the No. 1 brand in Canadian chain bookstores

  Canada is a country that loves reading. People have good reading habits. Friends often discuss reading experiences when they gather. Almost every large supermarket has a book section. However, when it comes to books, Chapit is a name that cannot be avoided.
  Chapitt is the first brand of Canadian bookstore chains and has a long-standing reputation in Canada. It was formed in 1995 by the merger of the two largest bookstores, Chloe and Smith Bookstores. In 2001, Chapit merged with another large bookstore chain and became part of the Indigo Book Music Publishing Group.
  Chapit has a complete range of books, ranging from bestsellers to masterpieces, from language learning to self-growth, from history to autobiography, from economics to literature, from computer technology to gourmet recipes, everything you expect to find. It is worth mentioning that although Chapbit does not have any Chinese books, there are still some books on Chinese subjects. It was only after I came to Canada that I realized that Chinese topics are also the focus of the bookstores here!
  Chapit adopts a diversified business approach. In addition to books, there is a Starbucks in the bookstore. It also sells household items, greeting cards, stationery, calendars, fashionable handbags, children’s toys and board games popular in North America. The products sold are fashionable and of high quality. So very popular. From Christmas to Valentine’s Day, Chapbit will launch corresponding products in accordance with the seasons, and there will be considerable discounts after the season. Chabit adopts a membership system, and members can enjoy special discounts on membership days. A major feature of Canadian bookstores is to support local culture, and Chapit maintains a good relationship with local writers. If the book of a local author has not been put on the shelves, then the author can directly contact the bookstore with his book, and Chapit will not only put the book on the shelf for the author, but also cooperate with the corresponding signing activities.
  Halifax has two Chubbets, one in downtown and the other in Dartmouth. Chapit often launches activities such as author meetings, book signings, and book launches, and the invited authors are mainly local writers from Nova Scotia. For example, recently invited writers include: Janice Landry, author of “Eye of the Ocean”, Mary Janet Madonna, author of the famous cookbook on the east coast of Canada, Russell M. Hannon, Breton Rooney, author of The Last Hockey Player, et al. The “Romance Fiction Salon” hosted by Chapit invited three local writers: Cher Heliwell, Kelly Boyce, and Donna Alwald. Chubby also launches reading-related activities from time to time, such as children’s reading activities, themed toy days, bookmark making, in-store camping, Halloween story days, store celebration days, brainstorming, etc. At the same time, he also actively participates in public welfare activities, such as donating to schools, funding local reading projects, and so on.
Via Agricola Bookstore: a unique second-hand bookstore

  In Canada, second-hand bookstores are also very popular because of their affordable prices. Agricola Street Bookstore is a unique second-hand bookstore, located on Agricola Street at the north end of downtown Halifax, one of the founders, Una Clegg, and six years ago Her husband, who immigrated from Toronto to Halifax together, used to be teachers, and books have always been their passion, so the idea of ​​transforming the small cabin she owned along the street in downtown into the bookstore of her dreams idea.
  Una wanted to start her own bookstore, but she didn’t want to be burdened by buying, returning, or competing with large chain stores, so she decided to open her own second-hand bookstore. Except for some difficult projects, Una’s husband did most of the work of renovating the cabin. Their son and classmates in high school, past students and friends all came to help and add bricks and tiles to the cabin. The temperature of the small city of Halifax.
  At the Agricola Street Bookstore, the books have maintained a very good circulation, updated every week, and the quality of the books is also very new, and it is almost impossible to tell that they are second-hand. Most books are sold at a 40% discount, and some books will also be dealt with at a special price. The book purchase activities of bookstores are usually held on weekends, and no more than 15 books are purchased at one time. The purchase fee is given in the form of bookstore points. Wuna said that although she is still a novice in the book retail industry, she has sharpened her vision after several years of operation. Because she often communicates with readers, it is relatively easy to grasp readers’ preferences.

  The Agricola Street Bookstore also holds salon activities from time to time, including author signings, writing workshops, speech clubs, and weaving workshops. Also supporting the local community in a variety of ways (including supporting community fairs, referrals to jobs, donations, and more), and even hosting an engagement ceremony at the bookstore for a couple!
  The books here are carefully classified. In addition to covering traditional categories, the bookstore also opened up an activity area for children, and set up a “local reading” category to support local authors. This is a major feature of Canadian East Coast bookstores.
Trident Bookseller & Cafe: Offers second-hand books, freshly roasted coffee, and cakes

  Founded in 1992, Trident Bookseller and Cafe is located on Hollis Street in the center of Halifax, offering second-hand books for reading and shopping, as well as freshly baked coffee and cakes. Trident will remind you of the small coffee shop on the street in the movie.
  Trident’s books are often sold at half price, and the small size also means that they must be “carefully curated,” a process that seems to be as much art as science. Readers come to the bookstore because the books are instructive and entertaining, and the clerk is familiar with the business and can recommend just the right books to readers.
  People like to stop at Trident, enjoy the atmosphere surrounded by books, order a cup of fresh coffee here, taste seasonal pastries, or read carefully selected books, or gather with friends.
  As the British writer Virginia Woolf described it: “Books are everywhere, and we are always full of the same adventurous spirit. Old books are wild books, homeless books, and they gather in groups Together, colorfully, there is a charm that the domesticated books in the library lack. Besides, in this random motley collection of books, we may meet some complete strangers who, with any luck, will become us. The best friend in this world.”

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