future nine survival rules, if one is violated, disaster will result!

The sky has changed, the world has changed

This society is becoming more and more different

To gain a foothold in the future

Must read the rules of survival in the future

1: about comfort

In today’s era, there will never be an easy life.

Each of us is like a small boat sailing on the sea. The sea is rough now, and the waves keep coming. Those who choose to be comfortable will definitely be overturned by the huge waves.

Take a look at this society. No business model is permanent; no competitiveness is eternal; no asset is stable.

No matter how good you are, there is always an innovation for you. For example, robots will replace blue-collar workers, and artificial intelligence will replace white-collar workers.

Therefore, we must make various preparations and precautions at any time, and wait and see.

Struggle is the constant theme of the Chinese people’s life.

Whoever stops to enjoy life will be overtaken.

Therefore, no matter how much you have achieved and how high your status is, you cannot choose to be comfortable, you must always be ready to fight!

2: About elimination

In every era, some people have been made perfect, and a group of people have been eliminated.

The first stage is for the bold to eliminate the timid; in the 1980s, whoever was bold and who dared to break through succeeded

The second stage is to eliminate the slow ones by cleverness; whoever discovers the opportunity first in the 1990s will succeed;

The third stage is the elimination of the educated and the uneducated; in order to succeed in this era, one must be educated, and only those who are good at learning can lead the progress of society.

After the epidemic, a large number of people will inevitably fall down, but at the same time another group of people will inevitably stand up!

We must be optimistic and positive, and have the courage to face the new wave.

3: About flickering

This is no longer the era when you can get customers by fooling around;

This is no longer the era when you can get a girl by making bold promises;

This is no longer the era when you can eat the world by boasting;

This is an era of simplicity, authenticity, and high efficiency. It requires you to show your real skills in the shortest possible time to reach the essence of things.

In this era, people’s minds are becoming more and more mature, and everyone has long been accustomed to various tricks. Faced with all kinds of routines, they become more and more rational and calm;

Everything is changing:

Your consumers have become more tasteful

Your customers are becoming more cautious

Your lover has become more pragmatic

Your friends just got easier

So you have only two options:

You have to become more focused!

You have to become more determined!

4: About talking

To judge whether a person’s social status is high or not, it depends on whether his time is worth money!

The time of successful people is too valuable. They don’t have time to listen to other people’s small talk, and they don’t have time to brag to others. Once they open their mouths, they will always be the most critical words.

Therefore, the more successful people are, the less nonsense they talk about. They are simple and straightforward, and they go straight to the goal, often pointing to the core of the problem with every sentence.

Those who speak without focus, and who can’t touch the essence of the problem after talking for a long time, are at best a supporting role.

A truly successful person will always only say the most critical words, and always only do the most efficient things.

5: About reliability

In the past, when we spoke highly of a person, we would say that he was kind, smart, or very capable, but now, we speak highly of a person with this word – “reliable”.

In the previous society, there was a kind of people who were very popular. This kind of people were eloquent and slick;

But now, these people who are very good at playing various routines are becoming more and more difficult to move, because we have seen too many people who like to play “virtual”, and they have already developed immunity.

There is a kind of person, when you chat with him, he will make you very comfortable, because they are very good at trying to figure out your thoughts and intentions, and then go along with you infinitely, and lightly promise you, making you feel very happy.

Sorry, such people are often only suitable for chatting. This kind of person often makes you fall in love with each other at first sight, and when you meet again, it will be dull, and the third time will be boring.

Smart people are only suitable for chatting, and reliable people are suitable for doing things together.

Remember, you must find reliable people to do things!

6: About Good People

In the future, there will no longer be people who are born just for you, and there will be no people who are only for your good.

In the future, there will be few purely good or bad people, and everyone will fight for their own interests.

If you hurt his interests, you are a bad person in his eyes, and if you meet his interests, you are a good person in his eyes.

If you are useful, it is good, if you are useless, it is not good.

On the mundane level, usefulness is everything.

The world is really interesting:

When you expect help from others, everyone will stay away from you,

When you are completely on your own, and all come to your aid,

So: God help those who help themselves!

7: About character

In today’s society, there are many smart and talented people, and many hardworking people, but good conduct is the most valuable quality.

Rare things are precious, knowledge can be learned, hard work can be artificial, and luck can only depend on the sky. Good character is the most precious.

Although people with good character sometimes suffer losses, such losses are also blessings. What others owe you, God will return to you.

How fast a person can go is determined by ability; how far a person can go is determined by character.

Character is the final hole card, and it is also a person’s golden signboard.

In this grim and fickle era, character is the last dependence of people’s hearts on each other.

The world is unpredictable, life skills are infinite, only character is always shining!

8: About scams

Sometimes one deception is defeated by another, bigger deception.

For example, since the business of speculating in virtual currency started, the MLM business has been worsening day by day.

Since the Douyin swiping business started, the traditional Taobao swiping business has been worsening day by day.

Why do all kinds of scams appear in this era?

Somehow, I finally realized the answer:

This society has always maintained social fairness in a unique way: it constantly screens out “bad people” and “stupid people” through various methods. “Bad people” are people who commit fraud, and “stupid people” are people who believe in fraud .

Spiders weave their webs, and moths hurl themselves. Let the “bad guys” collect the “stupid guys” and let the law punish the “bad guys”. All in all, society is going to screen these two kinds of people in disguise, and send them to hell, never to get over again.

The main contradiction in the current society is the contradiction between the people’s ever-increasing awareness level and the backward deception.

There are more and more liars and fewer and fewer fools. In short: the era of making profits by collecting “IQ tax” is over.

Therefore, we must first be a good person.

Secondly, we must be a smart and good person!

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