If you love another person again, if you can’t be a husband and wife, just deal with it like this

It is said that a couple of a day is a hundred days of kindness, and a couple of a hundred days is like the depths of the sea. A good relationship between husband and wife is enviable and yearning, but more people meet those who have no destiny in this life, and those who meet love but cannot.

In order to keep their lover, many people do outrageous or unforgivable things.

In fact, in the long river of life, only you will accompany you to the end. You must first learn to love yourself before you can love others.

Even if you love someone again, you can’t become a husband and wife, don’t get entangled, handle the relationship between the two of you well, and then get ready to go and go on the road again.

01: Remove any contact details

There is a topic on Zhihu that has attracted everyone’s attention. The question is this: Do you want to keep the contact information of your ex? Among them, more than 90% agreed not to stay.

Deleting any contact information of the other party is not only a form, but also a psychological hint to oneself. A flower that cannot bear fruit is not worth waiting for.

In life, those who have separated but still have the other party’s number in the phone address book, when they are lonely and helpless, they can’t help but send messages to the other party, or even find the other party directly. It is very cheap to ask for comfort and reunion.

If the other party is also nostalgic for you, the result is of course good. If the other party has let go of this relationship and has a new life, such interruptions are really unnecessary.

Not only did she not get comfort, she lost all face, but also showed no sense of margin.

Since you choose to let go, choose to leave, even if it is painful, even if it is deliberate, please delete any contact information, divert attention, and reduce self-conflict.

It is said that everything is difficult at the beginning, as long as you take that step, it is the key to start a new life. Deleting the contact information is the last dignity and stubbornness left for oneself.

No big deal, just throwing away someone with no results.

02: Throw away items that are easy to recall

Seeing things and thinking about others is the most out-of-control thing after a relationship ends.

Many people say that when you are broken in love, you should go out for a walk.

This walk is actually a change of environment, so that I can get away from sadness and not be affected by the current environment.

Some people also say that there is no need to throw away the items left by the predecessor. Maybe they will cry and recall the old items at that time, and they will fade after a long time.

But there is no way to evaluate this short period. Some people may be like this for a year or a half, and some people may be like this for the rest of their lives. It is better to make a break and clean up.

If the old ones don’t go, the new ones won’t come. Don’t stop your progress for useless people or things.

Colleague Xiao Xiao has been wearing the necklace given by her predecessor, saying that it is just because the necklace looks good, and there is no other meaning. But there is no reason to judge the old love, how to welcome the new love, just miss one outstanding man after another.

Please pack up the old stuff and pack it up, along with your lost love. Be a straightforward person, love deeply, and leave cleanly when you don’t love.

03: Tell people around you that you are single

After a relationship ends, the most fearful thing is the sudden mention of people around you, and your repeated explanations over and over again.

If it is mentioned on some important occasions, it will be embarrassing for others to offend unintentionally.

Instead, say it out loud.

Sometimes, things that are hard for us to say may not be seen by others. In the eyes of others, we are not that important. Telling others about your current relationship status is not only to avoid embarrassment, but also to maintain your personal image.

This image is not only your reputation, but also your honesty and open-mindedness.

The fruit of love may not be ripe, but the branches of life must continue to climb.

Even if you love that person again, if there is no result, you must stop in time and stop entanglement; even if you love that person again, if there is no result, you must let him go away and deal with it cleanly.

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