Most women who often wear other people’s old clothes will have these 3 kinds of fate

As the saying goes: A man depends on his clothes and a horse depends on his saddle.

This is especially true for beautiful women.

Choosing the right clothes can add luster and make you look younger and more radiant. Choosing the wrong clothes will reveal the flaws of a person’s figure, or they may be bloated, or tight and inconvenient to move.

Therefore, women seem to have a kind of obsession with clothes. Every time the season changes, the clothes in the closet must be changed again. During the holidays, you have to buy new clothes, otherwise you always feel that there is a lack of sense of ceremony.

But there are also some women who seldom buy a few pieces of clothes throughout the year. For them, the old clothes given by others are all their decorations.

Those who often wear other people’s old clothes are often these three types of women, and most of them are of these types of fate.

01: Difficult life, financial constraints

As the saying goes: Clothes are not as good as new ones, people are not as good as old ones.

Women generally love new clothes, even if they just bought a bunch yesterday, today she still feels that one or two clothes are missing in her closet.

Many women don’t buy new clothes, it’s not that they don’t like them, sometimes it’s just because life is difficult and money is tight.

Their income is limited, but there are old people to support, children to raise, and daily necessities, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar and tea. Many things that cost money in life depend on their meager salaries.

It’s not that they don’t want to dress up beautifully, but rather than dressing up themselves, they are more willing to let the elderly depend on them and cherish their children more.

They are as tough as rush grass and as solid as a rock. Wearing other people’s old clothes is an acceptable way for them to make themselves less shabby without affecting the quality of life of their families.

Such women are usually very dedicated, and they love their families more than themselves. If someone has to make a sacrifice, they will choose to wrong themselves.

If they meet someone who knows how to compare their hearts to their hearts, they will feel happy even though they live a hard life.

If they meet someone who pushes forward, they will live aggrieved and depressed.

02: Simple life, loving and cherishing things

The company once hired a cleaning lady in her fifties. She was dressed very plainly, and some of the clothes had obviously been worn for many years and had faded to white.

She also takes good care of the things she uses. Every time after cleaning, she will wash the rags, mops and so on, and hang them to dry.

Occasionally, a colleague brought her clothes that her mother didn’t wear, and she always happily accepted them. She wore them every few days, and they looked very good-looking.

Everyone always thought that her family was in a bad situation, until one day the company gave out benefits, she couldn’t carry it, and called her son to pick it up, and everyone found out that her son drove a Maybach.

It turned out that she didn’t come to be a cleaner because her family was too poor, but because she couldn’t stay at home. The reason why I wear old clothes is not because I can’t afford new clothes, it’s purely out of pity.

For her, old and new are not important at all, what is important is propriety and comfort.

Such women are usually modest and low-key, and they value the essence of things more than the gorgeous appearance.

Even in the face of wind and rain, they can live a good life.

03: full of heart, comfortable and safe

There is also a kind of women who pay more attention to spiritual pleasure than fancy clothes and food.

They don’t care about poor food and clothing. But their life cannot lack of flowers, art, and books.

They will spend a lot of money on an expensive set of books, but they will not spend money on a new dress.

They can accept wearing old clothes worn by others, but they cannot accept giving up a favorite stage play.

Such women often live soberly and independently. They know their true desires and what their ideal life looks like.

They dare to fight, but also have the courage to give up.

They don’t care too much about other people’s opinions and live freely.

They can find joy in life even when life is not as it should be.

Everyone has a different understanding of life.

For life, everyone has different pursuits.

Wearing someone else’s old clothes has never been a problem if you can live with it. Compared with other people’s eyes, it is more important that you feel comfortable and comfortable.

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