People who like to say “thank you” are often these 3 types of people, and they can’t be wrong

Herzen said: The most important thing in life is politeness, which is more important than the highest wisdom and all knowledge.

I take it for granted.

A person who likes to say “thank you” on his lips, getting along with him is like enjoying the spring breeze, which makes people feel at ease. Just a thank you is enough to express a person’s self-cultivation and state of mind.

People who like to say “thank you” are often these three types of people, and they can’t be wrong.


01: People who know how to be grateful and know how to feel warm and cold

There is a saying that goes like this: Gratitude is the smallest of virtues.

Get along with people, details see character. A person who knows how to be grateful will not only say “thank you” when others extend a helping hand, but also remember your kindness in his heart.

Such a person understands the warmth and coldness of the world, and can bring warmth to others.

My girlfriend’s boyfriend is such a person. I can often hear him say “thank you” with a smile on his face, when the service staff handed over the tableware, he would say “thank you”, and before leaving, he would praise the delicious food.

Whenever someone asks, why are you so polite.

He will only say: It is not easy for everyone, praise and thank each other, and when others are happy, I am also happy.

Be a grateful person, start by saying “thank you” casually.


02: A person with kindness and high self-cultivation

There is such a sentence in “Caigen Tan”: “When the character is at the extreme, there is no other difference, it is just the original.”

How to judge whether a person has high self-cultivation depends on how he usually behaves and whether there is any difference in his attitude towards others.

A well-educated person will not divide the world into three, six, or nine grades, will not be submissive to the powerful, and will not be domineering to the weak.

Always calmly say thank you, it’s okay, and willing to lend a helping hand to help others.

In the short video of countless moments of being touched, it is that action. Because of the kindness in my heart, I don’t want to see others get hurt.

Whether it is a stranger who is holding the corner of the table for fear of being hit by the children next to him, or a resident who turns on the balcony light to illuminate the house for the cleaners.

Only with kindness in your heart will you think of doing something for others; only a person with high self-cultivation will say thank you for the kindness of others.


03: High EQ, people who love life

Einstein once said bluntly that there are two ways to live in the world, one is to live as if there are no miracles, and the other is to live as if everything is a miracle.

A person with high emotional intelligence will live life full of vitality, and every second is fresh and cheerful. They don’t care too much about gains and losses, and they can always find the shining points in others and praise them. It is a joy to be with such a person.

Some people may say: too polite, people have a sense of distance.

In fact, otherwise, keeping a distance cordially is the most appropriate way of communication. The more familiar you are, the more measured you must be.

Lin Huiyin, a national talent, always says thank you to her lover, and so does the other party. “Thank you” contains kindness and love. A person who knows how to say thanks and express gratitude is believed to be a person who loves life.

Such a person is measured in doing things and has warmth in his life.


The book “Emotional Intelligence” writes: “The degree to which you make people comfortable determines the heights you can reach.

There are always people around me who are soft-hearted, considerate, and full of gratitude. When getting along with such people, I not only feel warm in my heart, but also learn to spread the warmth.

A person who often says “thank you” sees beauty everywhere in life, comforts others, and is also at ease.

In the training ground of life, what we talk about is to compare our hearts with each other, and what we do is to care for each other. Only in this way can we get more blessings.

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