People with really bad intentions often like to ask you three things, be careful

As the saying goes: You must not have the heart to harm others, but you must not have the heart to guard against others

Although we face others with the best intentions, others don’t necessarily think so, and we will always meet some thoughtful and purposeful people.

People around you who like to ask questions, especially those who pay special attention to your affairs, please be careful, he does not really care about you, but is planning.

Therefore, raise your own height of scrutiny, see the other party’s true colors, and avoid unnecessary troubles.

People who like to inquire about these three things about you, you should be vigilant.

01: Inquire about why you were scolded by the leader, and then watch your jokes

There are two things in this world that I dare not look directly at, one is the sun, and the other is the human heart.

In life, there is always such a person who can’t see that you are better than him. When you are in full bloom, the sour tone continues. When you suffer blows and failures, he will come over to ask the situation hypocritically, pretending to be sincere. under the guise of schadenfreude.

Colleague Manman is very keen to do such things. Whenever a colleague is scolded by the leader, she will pretend to run over and say something considerate, unknowingly figuring out what happened. The inside story of the training.

In fact, for leaders to train employees, it is a small matter that is understandable, and the person involved should adjust himself. If there is such a person, he will not only satisfy his gossip, but also spread the matter.

The person involved is really hard to argue with, and everyone will only think that you are a person who can’t bear the heavy responsibility and can’t bear a little grievance.

The real situation is that you didn’t take it seriously, but it was rumored that you were very glassy, ​​which not only affected your work, but also easily offended people.

In life, if you like to inquire about your failures, don’t talk about them. You can’t control the other person’s words and deeds, and if you judge, you will be beaten back, just because you said it.

02: I often gossip with you about other people, and talk bad about you when I turn around

As the saying goes, if you talk too much, you will lose, and if you talk too much, a gentleman must keep his mouth shut.

It is unwise to often discuss the good and bad of others behind their backs. If you have something to talk about face to face, you will be upright without losing your demeanor, and you will not be caught.

In life, even if you don’t gossip behind your back, someone will always come to you to talk about other people’s good and bad. At this time, as long as you say a few more words, or even chat until you get carried away, this is the beginning of your bad luck.

A person who often asks you to gossip about other people, you should silence, or even interrupt the topic directly, and stop the loss in time to prevent being misunderstood by others.

I have seen such a story.

The two are best friends, and they often like to gossip, but I don’t know when, one of them is always targeted by the people around him.

I found out later that because the other person often told the conversation between the two of them, he would start with: So-and-so said this, she thought of you this way, similar to the beginning.

In fact, it is inappropriate to talk about others behind their backs, but meeting someone who spreads things in your tone will undoubtedly put you on fire.

Being cautious in words and deeds is the goal of our lifelong practice, and staying away from people with bad intentions is a proposition we must learn in this life.

03: When there is a conflict of interest, ask for your thoughts, and put a cold shot behind your back

Wong Kar Wai said: When you can no longer have, the only thing you can do is to let yourself not forget.

Knowing that the other party has a purpose to test your tone, you think you have mastered the overall situation and confidently reveal your cards.

As everyone knows, this is the fuse of the failure.

In life, we will always meet people who like to inquire about your thoughts, such as your next plans, recent goals, views on things, etc. Such a person doesn’t really care about your plan at all, but plans how to use your power to achieve his goal.

It is said that to accomplish one thing, one must know oneself and the enemy, in order to be victorious in all battles. The other party analyzed you clearly, but you talked freely without fear.

As everyone knows, this is the beginning of failure.

Zhuangzi once said: The friendship between gentlemen is as light as water, but the friendship between villains is sweet.

When getting along with people, you must keep your eyes open to distinguish whether the other person is sincere or false. If you are not sure, then talk lightly and have a shallow acquaintance.

If you always inquire about the above three things, you must stay away and don’t get entangled.

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