There is a kind of man, no matter how much you love, you have to stay away

Writer Liu Tong wrote in the book: “In this world, paying with results is called giving, and paying without results is called price.”

There is a kind of man that you love deeply and pain deeply. This kind of man not only doesn’t know how to cherish and love you, but also absorbs nutrients from you and blooms alone, but you are getting thinner, suffering and inferiority.

We can love and give, but we cannot be consumed or sacrificed.

What’s more, you can’t help but lose your life foolishly.

In life, if you meet such a man, even if you love him again, turn around and leave, and don’t look back.

01: Future planning without you

In Deng Ziqi’s “Bubble”: All your promises are fragile.

I can’t help thinking that in the interview, Deng Ziqi said: He said to let her wait, but the wait is nine years. How many nine years are there in a person’s life? Obviously, the other party’s future is without you.

In an intimate relationship, the scariest thing is when you ask: what are we going to do in the future.

The other party said impatiently: That’s for the future, who knows which will come first, tomorrow or the accident.

When a man who loves you deeply, how can he not have you in the future, presumably, he doesn’t love you that much.

When the reporter interviewed the actor Zhang Ruoyun, he asked: Is the biggest gain this year is a new level of career?

Zhang Ruoyun replied: No, but married Tang Tang back home.

A man who has you in his heart, he will hold you tightly, instead of requiring you to test whether he has you in his heart many times, but can’t get the result every time.

A beautiful love is when two people communicate with each other, respect each other, put you in their hearts, and put you in the future.

02: Delicious, lazy, not self-motivated

There is a question on Zhihu: Will you marry a man who loves you very much, but is not motivated and has no ability?

Most of the people answered: resolutely not to marry, why hesitate, withdraw as far as you can.

In life, there are many times when things go bad, but a person who has no fighting spirit and passion in life, I advise you to stay away. Indulging in the short-term warmth and unwilling to let go, what you lose is not only love, but also your life.

Laziness is a bad habit, the lazier the person, the less self-disciplined he is. Those lazy people in life, no matter what they do, it takes three minutes, they are all so-so and have no sense of responsibility.

In “Happiness to Thousands of Families”, Wang Qinglai and his wife went to the city to work and finally became security guards. They often complained about being tired at work and that others looked down on him.

Fighting, drinking, and absenteeism often occurred, and the final result was dismissal.

We may not be able to choose a good job or a good living environment, but we can choose to embrace a good mood and a positive life.

All the good fortune in the world is accumulated over a long period of time. People who are unwilling to suffer and have no self-motivation will live the life they want to live. You can never wake up a person who pretends to be asleep. Falling in love with such a person is deceiving your ears.

A good partner has poems and distant places in his heart, and has things to do in his hands, and can share joys and sorrows with you hand in hand.

03: Emotional instability, love to lose temper

Physician Huvland said: “Among all the adverse effects on people, the ones that can kill people the most are bad emotions and bad moods.”

When your partner is emotionally unstable and loses his temper, no matter how beautiful the scenery is, he will not be able to see it; no matter how delicious the food is, he will not be able to taste it.

There are often emotionally unstable people around you.

When the two of them were eating, one of them would suddenly drop his chopsticks, curse, get up and walk away, leaving the crying person behind, or he would yell or even raise his hands in the street.

Such an emotionally unstable lover is like a ticking time bomb, always tense.

Xiao He’s boyfriend is an emotionally unstable person who loses his temper regardless of the occasion. Every time he goes out, Xiao He will speak carefully, for fear that if something is wrong, the other party will yell.

Even sometimes when Xiao He shared happily, he would be beaten back.

After a long time, she, who used to love to laugh and make trouble, became sensitive and fragile, and would cry at every turn, as if this was the only way to quench the anger of the other party.

Falling in love with someone who is prone to temper tantrums and emotional instability, not only does not feel love, but is always in fear. This kind of love is a bondage and a burden. Frightening, suffocating.

In a person’s life, it is easy to meet someone you love. If you fall in love with someone who makes you tired and lose yourself, you will bear a lot of things, and love will become heavy.

Then let it go, even if you love again, you have to let go. Only by stopping the loss in time can you embrace the right person.

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