Rocky flows between light and shadow and reality

  ”Rocky” (“Rocky”) is a movie, but also a life. In the interweaving of film and life, a legend of light, shadow and reality is created. When I close my eyes, scenes of scenes will appear in my mind.
  There is an eastern city in the United States called Philadelphia. If you ask the locals, “Who is the symbol of Philadelphia”, you may hear one answer is Iverson (formerly a member of the Philadelphia 76ers), but someone will definitely tell you otherwise A name, that is “Rocky”, a “real” person who came out of the movie.
  ”Rocky” is a series of films, with a total of six films. From the date of the birth of the first film in 1976 to the end of the sixth film in 2006, this series of films spanned thirty years. In the past thirty years, the protagonist Rocky has grown up with many people and performed an immortal legend.
  ”Rocky 1″ is the beginning of this legend. The protagonist, Rocky, is thirty years old and has nothing to do. However, the turning point of fate came quietly like this.
  World heavyweight champion Apollo Creed is set to host a commemorative bout on July 4, the 200th anniversary of American independence. However, his opponent was injured in training and could not participate, and with less than two months left before the game, Apollo could not contact a new opponent for a while. When he was at a loss, he suddenly had an idea and thought of finding an unknown local player in Philadelphia to play against him. Since the Continental Congress was held in Philadelphia on July 4, 1776 and officially passed the “Declaration of Independence”, the United States became officially independent, so it is very meaningful to compete with players from Philadelphia on this day of American Independence Day. Of course, this dangerous “luck” came to Rocky.
  Rocky was reluctant to accept such a challenge at first, because he was thirty years old and had not received systematic training. Not only did he have no chance of winning, but he was in danger of being seriously injured. Like every low-level person, Rocky still has the desire to change his life. When the opportunity comes, he is unwilling to give up easily. At this time, an amateur boxing coach named Mick found Rocky and was willing to help Rocky train. In addition to seeing Rocky’s untapped potential, he also wanted to prove himself. In this way, the two hoped to prove themselves. The little people came together and fought side by side.
  In the short but efficient training, Rocky ushered in the eve of the game. Thinking of everything he had to face tomorrow, he couldn’t fall asleep, so he walked to the venue for the next day’s competition. The huge venue was even more empty at midnight, only the huge posters of him and Apollo stood out. Apollo in the poster is in high spirits and eager to try, while in the poster on the other end, Rocky’s movements are stiff and timid, and even the color of his competition shorts is painted wrong. But, who cares? Yeah, the main character is Apollo, and Rocky is just a companion, a coward, and a loser. After that, Rocky walked out of the empty venue, which is a classic scene in the film. I believe that at this time he already has a belief that he will try his best to do his best.
  The game started, and everything about Apollo was the focus, but Rocky on the stage seemed dispensable. The match started. Facing the challenge of an amateur boxer, Apollo appeared relaxed and capable. In order to please the audience, he teased his opponent wantonly. After hard training, Rocky was still beaten into a mess because of the huge disparity in strength. But he didn’t give up the attack. Finally, Rocky, who was passively beaten, caught the opening of his opponent’s over-relaxation, saw the right moment, and knocked Apollo down with a heavy punch, and the audience suddenly boiled. Everyone realized that this was not an exhibition match, but a real fight.
  After getting up, Apollo felt very humiliated, so he attacked Rocky crazily. Rocky was beaten beyond recognition by the opponent’s heavy punch, but under the support of his belief, he persisted in dealing with his opponent.
  The climax of the film came in the penultimate round, when Rocky was knocked down after a series of heavy punches, and his coach told him not to get up, or he might be killed. But Rocky has only one belief at the moment: Although he cannot win, he can persist until the end. Finally, at the end of the ten-second countdown, Rocky stood up again. Apollo on the opposite side couldn’t believe that the opponent in front of him hadn’t been knocked down yet, and his confidence began to waver. But Rocky seized the opportunity and injured Apollo’s ribs with a heavy punch. Whenever I see this, I can’t help but burst into tears.
  In the last round, Rocky had the potential to knock down his opponent, but when the bell rang at the end of the game, the referee judged that Apollo won with points. Rocky and his wife hugged each other, and the movie was frozen at this moment. Although Rocky persisted until the end and failed and failed to create a miracle, I believe that there is only one winner in everyone’s heart, and that is Rocky.
  Throughout the entire film, it is nothing more than a story about the realization of the American dream of a small person. The small person at the bottom has proved himself through his own hard work and the right opportunity. However, such a simple and even clichéd story by professionals earned a box office revenue of more than 117.2 million U.S. dollars when it was released that year. You must know that the investment in this film was only more than one hundred With only 28 days of filming, it won a number of awards including the 1976 Oscar for Best Picture while achieving a high box office. The success of this film itself is also a manifestation of the American dream. Rocky’s success has to be said to be related to the dreams in people’s hearts. Everyone hopes to be as successful as Rocky. The success of “Rocky” is reminiscent of Jeremy Lin in 2011. He was also a small person. He became famous overnight and quickly spread to all over the world within a week. It cannot but be said that it is indeed a miracle. However, apart from the magic of the creator of the miracle itself, the public is still eager for such a story. Although it is impossible for every ordinary person to have such an experience, it does not prevent people from consuming this miracle, because it gives people A belief, a power, and the next legend may be born in it.
  The star of the film, Sylvester Stallone (Michael Sylvester Gardenzio Stallone), was born in 1946. He was thirty years old when he starred in “Rocky 1”, the same age as the protagonist Rocky. In a sense, the “Rocky” series of movies is like his autobiography. It is also because of his true nature that he injected soul into the film. And his own growth process is also a Rocky story. During Stallone’s birth, the nerves in his head were damaged due to the use of forceps, resulting in facial paralysis. The result is not only a stiff expression on one side of his face, but also a slurred accent, so he is always the object of teasing.
  By chance, he saw a match between boxing champion Ali and an unknown soldier, and the latter persisted tenaciously. He was inspired by this and quickly completed the initial script of “Rocky”. Afterwards, he took the script and began to go to every company for interviews, hoping to be able to cast the film, and he also had one condition, that is, the protagonist Rocky must be played by himself. Such conditions made him hit the wall everywhere, and he was rejected hundreds of times. But persistence gave him a chance. Although the budget was tight, he still completed the filming of the film. Since then, the image of Rocky has been born on the screen and has become a classic.
  The movie “Rocky” was originally designed to end the match, and Rocky died in the arms of his wife on the ring. However, due to market considerations and for possible future sequels, this scene was not staged, and then there were five subsequent sequels. The second to fifth parts all tell the story of Rocky’s success in the first fight and his career in professional boxing. It is worth mentioning that the fourth part conformed to the historical trend of the US-Soviet struggle for hegemony at that time. Rocky also represented the US and the former Soviet Union boxers in a fight, and the result of course ended in victory. Originally planned to end the entire “Rocky” series in the fifth part, but the ambitious Stallone felt that there was something to say, so he launched the last part of the “Rocky” series at the age of sixty. In the film, Rocky is old, his wife has passed away, and he runs a small restaurant by himself. His life seems to have returned to thirty years ago. But the enthusiasm in his heart made him return to the boxing ring again, a stage that no longer belonged to him. The opponent was still a heavyweight boxing champion, and in the end, Rocky was still defeated by points, but he still persisted until the end of the match. When he left the field, the audience gave him applause like waves, and Rocky was also very excited, waving his hand to Farewell, everyone. As a series of films, the role of Rocky has accompanied Stallone for 30 years, and the audience has long regarded Rocky as a person who exists in real life.
  In this series of movies, there is such a classic scene: Rocky runs through the streets and alleys of Philadelphia for morning exercise, and the end point is the National Museum in Philadelphia. He quickly jumps up the steps, and then celebrates with a punch. Because of such a classic shot, with the approval of the government, people set up a bronze statue for Rocky in front of the National Museum, representing the love of the people of Philadelphia for Rocky. The bronze statue of Rocky raised his arms and cheered, inspiring everyone a visitor. I hope that readers and friends, if they have the opportunity to go to Philadelphia, they can experience that period of immortal legend.

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